Which e book reader app or brand do you prefer and why?

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  • I've really only had experience with a Kindle and a Nook. Both are good, but my Kindle Fire has color and can do more than just allow me to read books. It wins out there.

    • And you can also read kindle and probably nook too through a program on your computer. With google you can read the book through the chrome browser which I think like a bonus in a way.

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    • Well, gotta say their business strategies are working in their favor. 😜 I do see why you like Google more, though. It sounds nice to preview that much, and I use Chrome anyway.

    • Yeah they had a great idea to start with and would be hard to compete with a similar model although I hope someone eventually does. I pretty much read the first 40 pages without buying it lol. Google is great.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Definitely kindle because Amazon have a lot of deals, so you can get your books for really cheap.

    • From what I've seen so far, kindle and google have been the same price and apple was more, but kindle had a uncommon book I want that google didn't have.

    • thanks for the mho!

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