Hi I'm new here how good of a site is this?

Hi everyone I'm Boris Johnson. I'm the secretary of foreign affairs in the United Kingdom.

is this a good site to share my insights or no?


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  • First of, Boris, You're the most literally useless person in the history of British politics (Even though this is likely just a 47 year old man from the Czech Republic called Vladimir).

    Secondly, No, This site is the single biggest hive of bitches and bitter thundercunts on the internet and 99% Of its content is rage inducing cancerous bullshit. So do yourself a favour and leave before you feel you have to stay to hit your next Amazon card.

    • I'm sorry bugger did you forget about that dumbass Nigel Farage? I like to think I'm better than him. And what's this Amazon card you talk about?

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    • Please respect your secretary of foreign affairs

    • Dude... -_-

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