What's your dream but you're to afraid to follow it?

Has anyone ever been afraid of succeeding? It seems like when you do things right, your friends and family are the first to bring you down a notch.

But personally I'd like to sign up for school. Im thinking about majoring in sociology and a minor in literature, or psychology.


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  • Don't have one, I follow all my dreams , with the only thing often standing in my way being money which is slowly being solved.

    • Well hopefully we can all be lucky as you one day. Congratulations.

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    • I'm not about winning. Well I am a little. Id like to be able to succeed, and still have my childhood friends of 10+ years.

    • thanks for the MHG

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  • I want to be a dancer/singer/actress/ kpop idol.
    But I'm too fat, tall, non Asian, and a terrible actress/singer

    • Maybe you can be the first fat, tall, non Asian dancer, actress or singer.

  • My dream was to be your friend but you didn't let me thanks for understanding bye😠


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