Should I be creeped out? Worried?

So I was chilling with my older cousin all day today at her house. She lives right across the street from this park and field that a lot of people walk their dogs at and let their dogs run around and get exercise. My cousin has a dog and I usually walk her dog with her in the field. Her dog doesn't like other dogs so we only go to the field when it's empty. Lately there's been a guy that's always in the field with his pitbull puppy. Although the dog is just a puppy, it's really huge and hyper so we have to wait forever for him to leave so that we can walk her dog. So this has caused a few arguments between the guy and my cousin and I. So today I left my aunts house and started walking home and the guy skateboarded past me with his dog pulling him along and then he stopped at the corner and walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to meet his dog. Everyone who knows me knows that I love dogs so I said yea. So he brought the dpg over a d he started talking to me. It started off as a pretty normal conversation about his dog until he said he had seen me before. He said he lived in my neighborood since he was two years old and he had seen me a lot over the years. I've lived in the same neighborhood my whole life and the first time I saw this guy was around the beginning of summer. I asked him how old he was and he told me to guess and I refused to do so. He didn't tell me and just said that he didn't believe in age. Then he and his dog rode off in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. That means he went out of his way to speak to me. Is it just me or is this kinda creepy? The guy chased after me, introduced me to his dog, told me he had seen me for years, and then wouldn't tell me his age.


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  • Yes. Red flags everywhere. Please tell someone and please be with a trusted adult anytime you are around that area. Please be safe.

    • My whole family lives really close together. My cousin lives only a few streets away from my house. My little sister goes to school right across the street from the park and field. I've literally live in that are all my life. I can't tell my parents. I already have super strict parents and if I told them about it they'd never let me leave the house again alone.

    • You need to tell them for the sake of you, your cousin, and your little sister's safety. I know what it's like to have strict parents, hell I'm considered an adult but I can't do anything without letting my parents know before hand and asking if it would be okay. They're strict because they care and they don't want anything happening to you. And that guy would be the kind of guy to do the things they fear that might happen to you. Please tell them.

  • What's a pitbull puppy? I thought pitbull was a rapper.

    • Pitbull is like a general term for certain breeds of dog. They all have a pretty similar look. They're pretty muscular dogs with big heads.

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