Have you ever experienced Mandela effect?

other than Sex "In" The City and life "is" like a box of chocolates.

if you don't know what Mandela effect is google it.

I mean something other than spelling. Like my friend watched a movie with his roommate and turned out that movie never existed.


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  • I've just experienced people with unreliable memories. My wife has an exceptionally poor recollection of what happened in films. Somehow she got the impression that Mr. Miyagi died in Karate Kid.

    I'm thinking the probability is weighted towards her memory just sucking more than her having watched a different Karate Kid in an alternative universe.


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  • After reading what it was, I discovered that I also didn't know how to spell 'Berenstain Bears.' That's just a case of mental auto-fill though, as Berenstein makes more sense.

  • Yes I remember a situation that happened with my parents really really good but it never happened , and I thought that Mandela died in prison lol that's why it's the Mandela effect


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