Which mid-size sedan should I get?

I like mid-size sedans and I want to get one. I find them sophisticated and not as wankery as SUVs that nobody ever takes off road anyway. (not against having one for actual hard work and off roading).

I want to test drive 3 of them and eliminate the rest so I've been doing some research on the 2016 model mid-size sedans available in my country and have come up with this short list.
So which of these should I get?
Or suggest one I may have overlooked.
*note: my budget is a maximum of $50,000 AUD so that rules out brands like Audi, BMW, Benz etc

  • Toyota Camry
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  • Mazda 6
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  • Honda Accord
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  • KIA Optima
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  • Hyundai Sonata
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  • Ford Mondeo
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  • Subaru Legacy/Liberty
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted Camry because I have experience using them and have no complaints. My parents just bought their second Camry. Plus it will just keep going and when you're done with it you can sell it.
    Honda also holds its value.
    Subarus are overrated/overpriced


Most Helpful Guy

  • honda accord or toyota camry... they have the best reliable and ratings although Subaru is a great option as well

    accords and camrys, and to a slightly lesser extent legacys hold their value better so that if you ever want to sell you can get a much better price.

    • Good point. Don't want it to be worth nothing after 3 years

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    • awd definitely uses more cases than 2wd or 4wd you can switch from. however the subaru does have good gas mileage very comparable to the accord and better than the camry

    • You're right. Subary claim the liberty uses 9.9L/100kms and the Honda 7.2 but 9.2 if you want the v6 but the Subaru actually tested 8.8 on a review so theyre almost equal but the Subaru definitely uses more.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Before I brought my evo I test drove a Kia Optima. I picked that one from the poll. It was really smooth to drive, nice around the corners (nimble) and luxurious.

    • Really? I heard it had a sporty feel to it. I did see one and it looked really nice. Even the top spec version is within my price range but I don't really trust KIA 100% yet. I think maybe cheap Korean shit.
      But if you think it's good I'll give it a chance and test drive it

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    • Petrol is not really that much of an issue for me but I'd like no more than roughly 8.5l per 100ks. I also want modern features included like sat Nav and parking sensors.

    • Yeah then that's alright. The Kia Optima GT is turbo charged (it's the top of the range one). Got all of those features, plus heated/cooling seats, Bluetooth, better fixtures/trimmings, impeccable safety airbags like everywhereeee. Take one for a test drive lol

  • Before I bought my car last year, I test drove a few of these. I liked the Mazda 6, the style is nice and it was easy to handle. The Sonata, Accord and Optima are also nice but I went ahead and voted for the Sonata. Any of those I think would be good.

    So top 3 to test drive for me:

    Mazda 6

    • Why did you go the sonata. Sell me on it. Hyundai isn't a favourable brand in my bias but I will listen.
      I haven't short listed it for no reason so if you give me good reasons I will test drive one.

      So far from what other people have been saying my test drive list is Subaru, Honda and KIA

    • I actually ended up getting a Nissan Maxima, but the Sonata was a nice ride. Spacious interior, the steering felt nice and fluid, and I liked the style. Thinking about it, it didn't accelerate as fast as some of the others, so maybe that wasn't the best choice.

      Honestly, I wanted the Mazda 6, but it seemed a bit tighter in the back seat, if I had passengers. The Sonata had more leg room it seemed. But it had excellent acceleration, very smooth steering and driving, and I like the sporty look. The Mazda red color is nice, but I was driving this deep blue one, which was my favorite.

      I didn't drive a Subaru, but I've heard it's good. So that, Honda and Kia might be good to test drive. If youa re looking for sporty, though, test out the Mazda 6.

  • I boughy my first car today and it's a Hyundai Sonata. It drives smoothly, has plently of leg room, and doesn't sit too high or too low.

    • Ooooh.. I don't know if I should say anything but I read the cars guide article about the KIA Optima vs the Hyundai Sonata and the KIA was the better one in their opinion.
      But I'm really not confident in both Korean brands to be honest.
      The sonata is cheaper than the optima though so at least it has that going for it.

What Guys Said 15

  • AUD? Is that Australian currency? I wouldn't know what you have available to you since I'm in the USA.

    My sister and buddy both have Honda Accords... very nice/reliable cars.
    My brother has a Hyundia Sonata, it's slightly better bang for the $ here.
    My mom has a chyrsler 200c, I don't think you get them over there.

    Accord or Sonata if I was you... I'd test drive and see what feels the best as they are both great/reliable cars.

    • We have 300c's but that's considered a big rather than a mid-size so I'm not looking for that.
      The Honda I might test drive but I've read the reviews on the sonata and the KIA optima is pretty much the same car just better so I think I've chosen the 1 on 1 winner out of those

  • I would suggest the Ford. Whenever I rented a ford in the past SUV or car, somehow it just seemed really easy and quick to get used to the handling, gas and break. It quickly seemed comfortable, where as with others it usually takes me close to 1,000 miles before I start to feel comfortable driving it.

    I have never been in a Subaru though or a Mazda, so I can't really give those two a fair comparison. The front end of that Ford looks nice though in my opinion.

    • I do like the Ford. And I've had similar experience with them. I learned to drive in a Ford and I think it's ease of used helped me learn faster and get my license at a young age because I was very confident with it during my test

  • Out of the options I picked the Subie, but I love Subies. (Price wise though I think the Impreza is closer?) I don't think you can go wrong with the Kia or Hyundai either. I had a Sonata for few years and I absolutely loved it. The V6 was surprisingly fast... But it drank gas like crazy. 17mpg. From what I've seen the Optima and Hyundai come with a boatload of standard features too.

    • Must admit I'm a bit of a Subaru fan too. My first car was a 2000 model Impreza sports wagon. Only got rid of it cause of the short servicing intervals. Never had to have work done on it in the 4 years I had it

    • Look into a service plan when you buy your new car. My current car is covered through my 90,000 mile service.

    • Good idea

  • I'd personally go for the Ford, because I've driven them all of my driving life, but my mechanic of 25+ years swears by Hondas. I had to rent a Kia once. Never again.

  • Hyundai and Toyota are both great cars, I'd get one of them.

    • Toyota are great cars for sure. To be honest the Hyundai is my least favorite but they're saying good things about it so I do have to consider it and put my own bias aside to give it the respect it deserves and let it try and surprise me

    • Good thinking

  • Camry bc Toyota makes the most reliable cars on the market. I'm not sure what the sticker price of all the cars are that you mentioned, but over the lifetime of owning a car, the Toyota will be the least expensive bc it will not break down.

    • Cheap parts too because of a large market for them due to how well they sell

    • Another thing I forgot to add is great resale value down the line.

    • I think the Subaru's hold their value best out of these but it would also be the priciest I think

  • Why not a secondhand bmw 5 series or a mercedes E class? they are under 50,000

    id go with the subaru or mondeo.

    You can also get a VW Passat which is better than all of them.


    • Reliability is Garbarge on VW's

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    • @saud1998
      my friend had a Jetta. Had some problem with it... years ago...
      Honda Accord
      Toyota Camry still top choice sedan.
      Subaru also good.

  • Over here I'd go for the Ford Mondeo.

    • Sell me on the mindeo

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    • I think they're all good cars but:
      -My Ford experience is good. (drove two for a long time) Only a 3d (older) British Ford gave minor troubles.
      -Any mechanic in Europe can handle and get parts for a Ford. From N-Scandinavia to S Greece.

      Weeding out the others:
      -Over here, Korean cars tend to have too few service garages. Parts can be out of supply.
      -Honda service points don't abound either.
      -Subaru can get expensive and has few service points.

      -The Toyatas I drove had a too soft suspension.

    • I've experienced the same feeling with the Toyota suspensions whenever I've had them as a loan or hire car on vacations. I used to make the joke cause the slogan for Toyota is "oh what a feeling" and I'd go "ugh.. what a feeling 😩" lol

  • You could probably get a top of the line Honda Accord within your price range. The 2017 Honda Accord Touring is packed with stuff at I believe $42,000 UD

    • I mean $35,000 USD for a 2017 Honda Accord Touring model.

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    • I will

  • Toyota for rough use and durability, no wonder they have a large number of Taxis and cabs.
    Subaru and honda accord after service is expensive but its pretty luxurious within that budget
    Ford Mondeo too is a fantastic unit
    No idea about KIA.

    • I read the review of the KIA vs the Hyundai. The KIA was the outright winner. I'm just skeptical about that brand cause cheap Korean shit maybe.

      I am heavily leaning towards the Toyota but they've always been very floaty from experience so I'm waiting to test drive it. I want the Subaru but it would be the most expensive.
      This is a really hard decision which ones to test drive

    • Agreed. That is why i did not comment on KIA.
      Subaru is a premium brand compared to toyota.
      Perhaps, if your heart says Subaru, I would go for that and would also consider acquiring a used Camry or Corolla from toyota available for cheap for daily commute.

  • ford and subaru looks hella awesome

  • Toyota or Subaru, you can't go wrong with those two

  • i voted d

  • Subaru Legacy/Liberty

  • New? I never buy new anymore. I take my time & look for cars 1 yr. old. They usually have about 10K on them but still under warranty.
    Recently I found a car 15 months old W/ only 3K. My best find yet. Look their out there.

    • What was it?

    • 2015 Mustang. Unbelievably it was built exactly the way I would have ordered it right down to the color.

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