Do smart guys treat other people they think are not that smart badly?

I've always wondered. I mean do they treat girls badly if they think she's not that smart.

Sometimes I feel as though it's almost immaturity if they do that. To a girl I mean.

I know boys who are truly clever who have sisters who are maybe not of the same calibre as them. But they realize love is based on the person.

Plus I'm not even sure I understand what 'smart' means anymore. I used to do good at school. Now I don't. I'm still the same person. I didn't dumb down just because of bad grades.


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  • 'Smart' is an ambiguous term with it measured differently by people

    My definition always centres around modesty and being accepting of all. I say this, for you can have a beggar in the gutter say something to you that changes your life for the better.


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  • Intelligence is subjective. It really depends on what he would consider smart as well as what you consider smart. Also it depends on how nice they are in generak


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  • School/courses don't determine how smart you are haha. Some smart guys/girls will obviously be dicks. I don't think anyone I know really has that kind of attitude unless the person has a shitty personality. I do love playing pranks on gullible girls though haha.

    • Do you think gullible=dumb?

      I know this guy was lying to me once about studying for an exam. I caught the lie but I just didn't want to call him out on it. I wasn't his friend or girlfriend to be mad.

      So I just said good luck on your studies and ended the convo.

      But I did feel a little hurt. Why would he lie to me like that, doesn't he respect me

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    • I think it's also he knows I started caring about school but he also knows he's doing better than me.

      Maybe he was just trying to create teh impression that he's studious or something.

      But I still somehow feel the joke is on me because I think he thinks I'm not that smart and he's anyways doing better at school.

      He's also in a more advanced program than I am (dual-degree) so might just think what is she going to know about how much I study/what exams I give.

      That's underestimating me sort of. But like I said, I just didn't want to play any games with him anymore I got tired of him

    • I have no idea what was actually said between the two of you. If you're tied of someones shit it's always a valid reason to move on haha.

  • Its not they treat them badly its more

    • Actually.

      You know how everyone's intelligent at something.

      I would be an intellectual. Good with reading, writing, loves learning etc.

      And people think I'm eccentric. But I don't have an ego. I'm intelligent enough to understand that there are a lot of clever people out there I'm just one of the many.

      However by 'smart' I meant... smart in the type of stuff people actually recognize as intelligence. For example, you could have an English grad who completed her degree top of the class and everyone would have this whatever attitude to her.

      You could have a perfectly average engineer and he'd be considered smart.

  • If someone is both dumb and extremely opinionated, then it's possible, but for the most part, if someone is actually smart, they'll know to be nice 😊

    • What do you mean if someone is dumb and opinionated? Like the girl you mean?

      because I know there are girls who are the above but *think* they are smart. They bother me too.

      I wonder if guys look at me like that.

    • People who do things like post excessively online about their political or religious beliefs on either end of the spectrum, or get really up in your face if you disagree with them. On things like that, you can often tell that they aren't smart, and that is not a good combination.

      Thinking you're smart is a bit of a double edged sword. Confidence is almost always good, but you should always be able to admit when you're wrong.

    • I always underestimate myself.

      I did bother this guy once about reading. I know he doesn't like reading even though he's 'smart.'

      I think I bugged him. I felt guilty because now he's like this corporate investment banker.

      I was just talking to him like he was my friend but really he never was my friend. All in my head.

      But I bet he thought that of me that this girl thinks she's smart and she's not.

  • school has nothing to do with it. oh and they bully you cause they are bad or broken even if they are smart


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