Is it normal to fantasize all the time & "pretend" on a daily basis? Do people do this often?

I've always thought it was normal because it's how I am, but I'm just kinda wondering.

Basically, what I mean, (this is hard to describe, I haven't tried before) is that I have a very high imagination and fantasize about so many things throughout my day and in any location. I may take an hour or 3 out of my day to drive around, walk, etc and listen to music, or indulge in my imagination, and act out the music or I will imagine myself in a situation as I listen to the music and make gestures as I do so. I also stay awake between 1-4 am each night and I do my makeup, dress up, put on some music that feels empowering or seductive or enjoyable, and dance around or act/pretend to the music. I love burlesque and I sometimes imagine I am performing or something. I also feel very empowered whenever I do so, may it be driving or in my room or walking around, usually to music, it makes me into a better version of myself, it's hard to explain. I don't live in reality with many things. I romanticize everything and like to make things more magical and beautiful than they are. This happens with my romances too. Real life is never has good as it is in my head.



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  • I do that a lot, especially at work. it is the only way I don't snap on a customer


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  • Yes, I do it everyday. Rn I am pretending I am pregnant with my bf's child.

  • Not to your extent but yeah I romanticize things too.