When a girl did this in class?

Last Monday in class this kid was messing with my hair & I told him to stop But he wouldn't so then the girl I have a crush on told him to stop so he did then I looked away. & then later when I turn around I saw her looking at me & then she looked down I don't know why


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  • Kid?
    How old are you really?

    Anyway to answer your question,
    It seems as if she likes you.
    She defended you.
    You should definitely talk to her.

    • Lol but I don't know today in class i was kinda staring into space & then i saw her from the corner of my eye looking at me & then when I looked over i saw her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her chin lol

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    • Lol I just thought she was smiling at me cause I was staring into space lol but do you really think she like me if she did this

    • I think so. I know how girls are with their subtle hints. We don't want to say it , but by constantly paying attention to the guy that says it all.

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  • When? Last Monday