Would Chris Brown have been more liked if he had not hit/beat his ex gf?

There will be some people that still won't forgive him. Personally, I was never a fan of him, not even before the beating.

He kind of ruined his future/reputation by beating Rhianna and apparently wasn't changed one bit. He's still prone to getting into fights and quick tempered.

If it had not been for that, do you think he would have been more respected and better liked?

  • Yes, he ruined it by beating his ex girlfriend
  • No, I still didn't like him before that
  • Other
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Even before it happened, I never thought he was that great nor all that.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Most definitely. There are too many women who have been hit by a man, two many men who's mothers have been hit by a man, and too many young girls growing up who watched a man hit their mother for society to give him the recognition and adoration he could have been worthy of. He's probably one of those guys who will always be quick tempered and respond to anger in ridiculous ways but he still had the talent, charm, and looks to go far before that whole incident. I don't support him but I can't deny enjoying the vocal harmony of his voice in some songs.

    • I never liked him that much but was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt until he did that. Hence, he remains a punk.

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    • and his twitter tantrums don't help lol

    • Thanks for mho :)

What Girls Said 3

  • Yes, I think more people would like him if it wasn't for that.
    I used to be a big fan of him, but since he did that, he's not the same to me anymore.

  • Rihanna ain't mad about it but I think him being a punk makes me less eager to listen to his music. I still do, though. What a talented guy.

  • Everyone likes Chris brown his music is so good. But then again so is Rihannas so I don't know.


What Guys Said 4

  • The man is a joke. Too bad the ex-girlfriend had self defense and in the end blasted a pointy heel boot into his nuts.

  • I'm pretty sure she liked it. He just hit her too hard 1 time and wanted money. I'm ok with him. His songs aren't bad

  • It's never impossible for him to redeem himself. But why is Chris Brown condemned as a 'wife-beater' while Beyonce gets a pass for letting her sister beat the stuffing out of her own husband? When a female's the victim of violence, she's heavily sympathized... just as she'd be if she's the perpetrator of violence toward a male - but when a guy hits a girl, he's a pariah... and if a guy is at the receiving end of violence by a female, he "deserves it".

    • *When a female's the victim of violence by a male

      But I'm sure you got what I was trying to say.

    • I get where you're coming and yes you're right it still always seems worse for a boyfriend to be violent than when it's a woman hitting her man. I guess many people in general and some of us (including me sometimes.. I admit it) feel this protective instinct if a woman gets hurt. It's mainly because on average she's smaller, weaker and seen as the more innocent gender.
      Why innocent? Some feminine traits are can be innocence, softness, delicate, smaller, not a physical brute in size, etc.
      Many times when a woman hits it's usually a slap or lame punch that doesn't put your life at risk (unless she uses a knife or other weapons) and she's not doing it with intentions of fighting you like when men do to other men but because she's throwing an emotionally childish tantrum.
      It's still wrong to because that's mainly why there is a difference in reaction.

    • Ever seen a baby and found it funny when it makes an angry face or hits you? It's soft and delicate.

      In a kind of similar way, that must be how it's seen if your average Jane slaps her big 6ft boyfriend and screams at him. It's still wrong but unfortunately some things aren't gonna change anytime soon.

  • Yeppp it really affected his rep

    • I always thought he was a punk and one day when I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, he confirms my previous thought.

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