What the hell is wrong with me? What happened?

So things have been really tough for me for the past 3 years. I was forced to take years off from my university due to financial difficulties, my family lost our home, my family member passed away, I'm working my butt off all day running on 3 different jobs, but still making barely enough to survive. Sometimes it's so bad that I drink water all day long to keep myself full, because after I pay my rent, I don't have enough money to buy any food. Even so, I always struggle to pay my rent (the landlord charges me $200 late fee so after paying that, I have nothing left). And one time I had to sell a lot of my stuff on ebay just so i could pay the late penalty.

Anyway today I was just sitting in my room listening to the radio when the Beetles song Let it Be started playing. I've heard the song many times before, but this time I just broke down for some reason. I seriously haven't cried in the past 15 years or so, and I was just sitting there bawling my eyes out because my life is just complete shit. I'm so hungry and exhausted all the time. I consider myself a pretty emotionally stable guy, but I don't know wtf happened there. Has this happened to anyone? I feel really stupid and embarrassed for crying.


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  • I've very sorry that you're struggling so much :(

    I've been there. Growing up, my parents were full time grad students. My dad had a part time job paying $5 an hour and that had to support the 3 of us, as well as pay for their Grad school tuition. We struggled and it isn't fun. It'll get better, don't worry.


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  • I lived in a motel with my mom and two younger siblings, during most of my time in high school and some of my middle school years. Couldn't do after school activities because I had to immediately catch the bus after school to get my sister from elementary school, if I got in any type of detention after school my sister would have to walk home by herself! My mom worked nights so I had to stay home and watch my younger siblings, so I had a limited high school social life.

    I was receiving my college mail using a post office box!

    We didn't have a car throughout most of my time in high school, so it was public transportation for EVERYTHING!


    Life gets better, just fight through the hard times!


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  • If you want brutal honesty? GTFO your room and work many jobs and/or go to community college. My dad and mom worked two jobs when we were in the same situation and we got passed it you can too.

    • Yeah, as I wrote, I work 3 jobs, and I work for over 15 hours a day.

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    • If I were you, I would really be quiet if you don't know anything about my situation.

    • All I know is that your ass is likely white and has a hell of an advantage over me.

  • It's fine, you just had a mental breakdown. It happens. And that's a great song. I have definitely cried at songs before, even ones I've heard plenty of times. Sometimes you're just in a certain place emotionally, and then a song comes on and it just hits you. Music does that.


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