Help me please I need some advice I don't want to be scared to fight & be tough and stand up for myself but I don't kno how? But what do you think?

I've been picked on all the time since I'm short. I've been in a few altercations in pretty much every school I went to. I had no dad there cuz he left me and my mom when I was 6 so I never had anybody teach me how to stand up for myself or anyone else. I think the only few altercations I remember are the time in 7th grade where there was this guy and his friend who I never seen before say to me that he heard I wanted to fight him but I never said anything like that I didn't even know them. But anyway he told his friend to kick my book bag off the ground and he did and it flew pretty far and I guess it got me pretty mad to say something and I think I said something to the dude and then we both started to fight but when I went to swing I missed since it was really slow and then he went behind me and started punching me in the back of my head then the teacher stopped it. Another time was in 10th grade at a new school I moved to and I was moved to the front of the class cuz the teacher thought I needed to pay more attention so after about a week later I was copying the notes and then this dude who was talking Spanish to his friend decided that it would be funny to throw a paperball at my head and it did hit me then he started laughing at me and I immediately turned around and yelled at them but it didn't sound too intimidating so both of them started to repeat what I said to them and laugh about it. Then one of the guys went up to my desk and knocked on it saying "you think you got balls son?" as he passed by my desk then one of the girls said to leave me alone and she got thrown out cuz she was being disrespectful to the teacher trying to stick up for me then we didn't fight but after class a girl came to me saying that the guy said sorry but I didn't believe him so I walked away angry. This last time in 12th grade there was this guy who kept bothering my girlfriend and saying bullshit to her trying to convince her to have sex wit him and I didn't do anything bout it.

I'm only 5 ' 2 and I'm only 100 lbs. so I'm a real small and skinny guy and I'm not really fit or anything like that. Please help me about this and be honest. I don't know what to do? I don't know how to toughen up and stop being so freaking scared to fight anyone who picks on me. i feel so useless and weak cuz of my size compared to all the other guys I see who r way bigger and stronger than me. i feel like I don't stand a chance. Anyone out there who is my size and a guy know what i feel?


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  • Hey, there must be a reason why these guys are picking on you... Instead of working on your physical appearance, work on being someone enjoyable around, just being a nice guy/with a bit of humour. Okay, so first of all, you need to be friends with everyone and smile~ Focus on being friends with the guys that aren't the bullies, and try to avoid them, so when your name is known as a 'good guy' the people around you notice the bullies 'bullying' you, everyone will be aware of those bullies. And if they get any more serious about your girlfriend, tell your girlfriend not to call the police of 'sexual harassment'. Don't talk back to the bullies and just smile and walkaway, don't be scared to call the police and use that to your advantage. Don't try threatening the bullies yourself. Create a good reputation with the people around you, if you need more help, feel free to message me~ c:

    • But I already did something like that before and it didn't really work out cuz they ended up wanting to protect me whenever there was someone whom messed wit me but i wanted protect myself in case my friends r not there for me u know?

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  • Take some martial arts classes, and stay out of bars frequented by thugs.

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