What are some good names for a baby boy?

My boyfriend and I don't know whether to name him Beauty or just name him after his father (De'Vonté jr). My boyfriend is still convinced that it's gonna be a girl but I think we're having a boy. He's gonna have my light skin my hazel green eyes his fathers hair his fathers lips and both of our personalities. I'm really excited but i dont know what to name him. But he will be beautiful. I do know that. I wish he got to have my last name bc then his last name would be Beauty.

  • De'Vonte Liam Wilson Jr
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  • Beauty Zuri Wilson
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  • I would go with De'Vonte Wilson Jr. That way he can go by D. J. if he wants, or use it as a nickname with his friends.

    Common nouns like "beauty" make really good names for fictional characters in books and video games -- I use them all the time as such -- but in the real world I'm not a fan. To me, you should strive to be unique and stand out for the person you are, not because you have a name that's unique and stands out.

    That's just my opinion though. I know there are significant cultural differences on that point, and at the end of the day...

    ... it's your kid. You give him the name that is meaningful to you and makes you happy, not other people.

    • I like the way u think

    • If you want good boys names check here you will many names with meanings. https://www. babynology. com/baby-boy-names. html

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  • My mother's name is Beauty : p

    but for a boy De'Vonte Liam Wilson Jr sounds better


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  • De'Vonte Liam Wilson Jr


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  • Id name my kid butch

  • How are you going to name a child "beauty"? I like De'vonte better.

    • I would definitely name my child beauty. Beauty is beautiful.

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    • But who's gonna say that to him bc he's gonna be homeschooled. Not bc of that but bc he needs a good education and no one could do a better job at giving him one that his own mother

    • Being homeschooled won't mean he's going to be isolated from bullying forever. I think the other option is much better.

  • Name him a name no one will make fun of, beauty is a name he would definitely get made fun of for

    • If the baby is anything like me or his father he won't care what anyone thinks. And who's gonna make fun of him? He's gonna be homeschooled. That's the only way he'll get a decent education these days.

    • He will probably grow out of it as he gets older and have your mindset of not caring later on in life, but as a kid, you dont know that. They are young and naive and very prone to that kind of thing. And every parent doesn't want their child to get bullied, it doesn't mean it will not happen just because they homeschool them.