Does anyone else have this problem?

any time i try to do yoga when I'm in down word dog , plank or extra. my 60-pound dog rubs up agents me lies down and belly crawls under me then will do it again only this time on her side or back -stops half way licks my face than drag her back across my belly and face wagging her tail and hitting me in the face with it drops down to a play stance barks once and does it all over agin. does this happen to anyone else i'm like i love you 2 but stop it?


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  • Beats the dog mounting you and humping your butt while you're in downward dog. Afraid it doesn't happen to me but you might want to teach your dog commands like "no!" and "stay!" with the aid of some treats.

    • um one lol my dog is a girl to i have had that happen it was someone grat dane and she know commands and does many tricks but i use a hand command so just speaking the words alone doesn't help lol

    • I've seen female dogs hump sometimes. :-D Maybe you can put her in another room if nothing else?

    • lol its ok i just do yoga when she is napping lol and i have seen female dogs hump to but that's the one of few things i won't put up with from a dog and i can say she has never once tied to hump me lol my cat did once tho

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