Anyone ever travel alone to another country if so how was it?

Next summer I plan on going to Spain I was suppose to go with my whole family now they've backed out and are just sending me. However they won't leave me go by myself they said I can go if I know someone that's going that I can go with however I don't that's a lie my aunt is going it's just she'll be going with her family I don't want to be stuck doing what they want to do if that makes sense. Then my other aunt asked me to go to Turkey they won't leave me go there either over the bombings 😬 I'm gonna try my hardest to get them to leave me go alone like I'm 19 if I was paying for is trip myself I would just go however their paying.


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  • I went trekked through Europe alone, just me and the car :P. It was refreshing to say the least. The only issue i see is that if you're not outgoing and embracing the locals you're going to have quite a dull and lonely time. It's kinda alright if you're just going to a beach town to lay on the sand all day :P or like i did playing golf.

    If you're willing to go out to the bars or restaurants at night its good fun, you meet a lot of new and interesting people. Especially English speakers at resort towns - i met a few of my current friends that way.

    • Yeah I plan on going out to bars and restaurants like I want to actually do stuff over there I've no one to come with me well I've few people I could ask but I know their just gonna sit around the apartment doing nothing. I also don't want to go with my aunt and her family as when I went with them two years ago to Budapest I was told we were gonna do all this stuff and we didn't we were literally in bed every night by 10pm. I mean if I can't convince my parents to leave me go or if I can't find someone to come that would actually want to go out and do things then I'll just end up going with my aunt and her family.

    • Surely you gotta friend who'd love nothing more than to explore it up with you? Maybe even a guy friend perhaps 😏😏😏? They can't ALL want to just sit in a hotel room lol.

    • I'll ask I don't know if they would as I went away for a few days with them last week and they literally sat inside all day in their pjs watching tv. I don't know if my parents would leave me travel with a guy friend I could bring it up see what they say.

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  • I've never "traveled" to another country on my own as tourist. However, I have lived on my own in another country. When I was 18, I went to live in the US for one year as an exchange student. It was scary in the beginning but I made friends fast. After that I went back home to finish high school in my country. Before I started University, I took a year off and went back to live in America for another 8 months.

    • Really? That's cool. Yeah like I know it's going to be scary being in a different country alone and there are things that can happen. They gotta let me travel alone at some stage like I plan on moving to Canada in a couple of years once I'm finished college and stuff I've to do here like what are they gonna do follow me over there.

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    • Oh I'm sorry. I should have seen that you're Irish ;-).

    • Haha it's okay

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