Girls, do you feel like you are treated differently where you work or study because of your gender?

i ask this as where i work i have seen a lot more waitresses than waiters and even then they are given worse uniforms to wear than the guys. I am in the middle of trying to get that changed and i do fully support there want to be treated as equals.


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  • Yes I'm treated differently and for a good reason. I am different, I'm not a guy. It's OK though I'm fine with it. I never wanted to be treated equally. I love being a woman and being the weaker of the species I can't be equal to a man. There are advantages to being a woman tool Sex for example he has one orgasm while I have 4 or 5 sometimes even more orgasms.

  • Yes, but women are often respected till such time they tolerate men's comments and behavior. Once they resist succumbing to desire for having sex, or least dating, men's attitude is suddenly changed.
    Some other aspects are disturbing. For ex. once I went to see my girlfriend in her office. I was shocked to find that there was no separate washroom for women. They had no option but to use men's, or control themselves.

  • Nope
    I never noticed that