Worried about living on my own at Uni?

I am going away in Sept and leaving my parents so will be living in halls with strangers. Do you think everything will be fine?


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  • I have lived in halls it was fine.

    What about living with strangers make you nervous?

    • What kind of people they will be, i am quite outspoken and critical of other people.

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    • Bullying in halls rarely happens.

      For starters it's way too much effort also people are scared of being kicked out of the halls.

      If someone does not like you they will either ignore you or just have minimal conversations.

      Some of people make friends with the neighbouring students and people on their course that they barely spend time in their flat or with their flatmates.

    • I see, thanks.

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  • I'd love to love on my own at uni but my parents wouldn't let me go out of my city so they def wouldn't have been okay with out of state :c
    Nothing to worry about man. You'll have a bunch of other students in the same boat as you all leaving their parents for the first time and learning how to live on their own. It's exciting and you shouldn't worry.

  • It'll be absolutely fine! Everyone who'll be there will be in the exact same boat as you remember! They'll be just as nervous :)

    Just go for it, talk to anyone and everyone! Be friendly and open and you'll absolutely love it!

    I was so scared about going to uni too, but I soon got settled and I ended up having the best time of my lifee!!! I'm sad to be graduating next year wah :(

  • Yes! Have faith in yourself !


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