Rifle Remington Model 700 CDL?

Okay guys, hunting season is coming up. I need a new rifle. Has any of you own or used a Remington Model 700 CDL. If so what are your thoughts on this?


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  • I would go to Federal or other ammo site to first search for THE ammo best served up for THE game (not mentioned) hunted.

    If I were to assume deer/elk, I would then begin shopping 30-06 with lowest MOA, best trigger feel + appropriate scope then spend a LOT of time at range, to zero at yardage for typical shots at your hunting spot.

    There are some websites that offer top ten rifles & why for various game, from hogs to bear.

    Why focused on Rem 700? On sale? .. . then watch out.

    • Thank you, the 700 isn't on sale. I like the look and how it feels when im holding it. I have a 30 06 and love it. Im just wanting something new.

    • The feel might be good enough to buy + respect your prudence to research it more before buying it retail, thereafter it's worth 1/2 upon resale.
      Many a time research has saved me from impulse buying something that has a superior competitor out there and even rethinking "the cards in my hand" as to what function they serve.
      The GAME you are hunting never was broached?

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  • Bulletproof from what I've heard. The 700s are as popular as they are for a reason

  • i like how you say "need"
    like owning a gun is a requirement for life, like water is