How can I figure out what this girl is trying to say?

So I was talking to a girl who I met through a friend. She started texting me and we texted almost everyday. I always suspected she liked me but I never made a move. So I heard she was talking to another guy so I asked her about it and she said " Nah that kid I met a few months ago and it was just talking but if it makes u feel better we stopped talking, so that's done" Im confused by her answer. what does she mean if it makes me feel better?


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  • She probably knew, either from friends or her own guy feeling, that you were into her. So she was trying to 'soften the blow'.

    • Well I just had told her I was just taking a step back from texting her bc I heard she was talking to someone and that's what she said

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    • And she wasn't joking when she said that either so try not to add your own mix to the question

    • I find it comedic that the only defense of your argument (or lack thereof) is to resort to calling me thirsty for some dick. When I have a boyfriend, would have no shortage of potential suitors if and when I become single, and am not the thirty year old asking if a girl joking around with me means she wants me. Since your desperation and lack of getting any pussy has obviously led to your already believing what you wish were reality.

  • Because she knows you like her.

    • Doesn't it seem like she's likes me since she tried to down play it like nah that kid it was only talking

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