Hypothetically, would you support a law that brings back slavery as it was practiced in the US before the civil war?

I am aware of the fact that most people will probably say no. I am curious if there are also people who wish slavery still existed.

  • No thanks, slavery is evil.
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  • If I could be a slave owner, I'd want it back.
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  • Yes, sure. Slavery wasn't all that bad...
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  • Of course I voted A. Human slavery is a terrible thing.

    However, you do understand that slavery has existed as long as humans have been humans right? It still does in parts of the world.

    It's not just a former U. S. thing from the 18th and 19th centuries.

    • Yes, I know that. I just took the US as an example that most people know about. Wasn't meant to offend ;-)

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  • Slavery has always existed in some form. I think a lot of wealthy elite would love to bring back slavery as slavery puts the slave owner on top of the pile. Think about slave owners basically have ultimate power and control on their plantation or household. Like in Rome if you were in the wealthiest percent you had servants, stable workers, cooks, accountants, young attractive girls and boys of all ages for sex virtually a trained slave for any job you can think of and im not even going into galley slaves, farm slaves, quarry and mine slaves. Ultimately slavery will increase the slave owners wealth and power in society but its bad for a countries economy and development you see this historically in every country where slavery thrived.


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  • i dont think slavery should exist but i would get rid of the right to vote. democracy is mob rule and thats a dumb way to run a country.

    • So you're in favor of a dictatorship? Or a monarchy perhaps?

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    • I see. Yes, I also have some sympathies towards such a system. It's basically a meritocracy, a system that Aristotle was a big supporter of. However, I also find it very elitist to be honest. There's a real danger that in the end, only rich people will be able to vote because they're the only ones who get a decent education. Especially in a socially unequal society such as the US.

    • well then thats how it has to be. right now we have too many people who think they know how to think voting. it can't continue to go this way. were getting very close to a collapse in western civilization and then it will be survival of the fittest where nobody gets to vote unless your willing to kill.

  • I'd have a slave if I could. Sue me.

  • I'm white, and slavery was and is evil.

  • Only if the slaves are all WHITE

  • Nevaaa but to answer ur q.. Someone would alway say yes. In a matter of large number, someone is bound to agree in one thing.

  • Only if the slaves are all black