Does this website only promote drama and hate?

I posted a mytake with a very elaborate and well thought out standpoint and not only did it NOT get promoted, it got taken down. But other mytakes, like the one with p*nis drawings being all the physical content that was given, is thriving. Or the one where the anonymous author is basically saying all women are sluts, has been promoted. And for what? It only spreads hate and I could see if those things were actually true, but they are far from it. And again, I'm sure if I posted a mytake saying all men are depraved perverts it would get promoted solely because it is promoting hate, drama, and division from one another.

And I had to block out the word p*enis because I have to carefully choose my words to avoid my entire argument being completely undermined and being out under the s*xual content section😒 which would make my entire argument look idiotic as it has been done many times before. Im gettibg off theis website for good. This website is nothing but nonsense and does nothing to help unite girl's and guys. It does the opposite actually. I mean has this website actually HELPED anybody lately? Because all I see are people arguing and fighting over EVERYTHING. This website has divided men and women so much and it doesn't give insight on others opinions whatsoever. So if you want to argue and fight with me I won't even respond. Feel free to dispute my argument, and stand up for GAG, but if all you can do is argue and insult on here then I'm not even going to listen.


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  • promote it? no

    it's a user contribution site so perhaps members promote and/or foster it but i wouldn't say the website does either of those things

  • A MyTake is thankless free labor for GaG with an amateur editorial process.

    It makes money, sure. Just not for the writer.

    I'm saying this because you seem heavily invested in MyTakes. I'd recommend chilling.


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