Are some people naturally more forgiving than others?

I admire this woman's strength to actually forgive her rapist. If it were me, by the time he's located I would probably show up in court with a gun and blow his brains out. I would be beyond pissed off.

I think these disgusting lowlife pigs shouldn't even life to be honest. I say shoot them all.


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  • "Its okay I forgive you"

    Omg thank you so much

    "No problem, cum again."


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  • Not 'naturally more forgiving'. They just saw forgiving role models when they were young.

    • I guess and she's a lot better than I would have been. I would have shoot him.

  • I guess. I eventually forgive, but I never really forget

    • I would never forgive something like that. I would have shot that lowlife.

    • Obviously something like rape and murder would be the exceptions

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