What's your favorite breed of dog?

I love dogs of all breeds, especially the larger dog breeds. Some of my top choices would be Huskies, Corgis, and German Shepherds, but my favorite would have to be Pitbulls. Honestly I was kind of scared of pitbulls at first because as a kid I had a few bad experiences with them. My neighbor that lived below us had a female pitbull and her puppy. At first it was a sweet dog. After they sold the puppy to a new family it got kind of aggressive and it got off leash outside one day while the owners were gone and almost attacked two women, a little girl, and their small dog. My mom and I distracted it from our window long enough for them to get away and then a police officer showed up and he ended up tazing the dog. So when my grandma adopted a pitbull I was kind of scared at first. They had a beware of dog sign on the door, and when I walked in the house her dog started making really loud growling and barking noises so my grandmom had to lock her in the kitchen. However, I'm a dog person, and I try not to be one of those people who get scared of a dog just because of it's breed. A lot of people are terrified of the pitbulls simply because they're pitbulls. So when my grandma went to bed I went to the kitchen and stood on one side of the baby gate while the dog stayed on her side. I fed her some dog treats and let her sniff me and she stopped growling at me. The next night my grandma asked if I was ok with letting her out of the kitchen because I had to sleep on the couch. I said yea and the dog ended sleeping right on top of me on the couch last night. We became buddies, then a few days later my uncle adopted a pitbull puppy. Since then I've started to really like pitbulls. One time my neighbor's new pitbull got lose and ended up scaring a bunch of kids, but I stayed calm and the dog turned out to be a big baby and he ate all my food. So that's my story. What's your favorite breed? Why?


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  • I'd love to have something like a German Shepherd... but I think they really need you to live on a big property so they can run around and enjoy themselves. I like Border Collies too, but they need the space even more.

    We have family friends who have a Australian Cattle Dog and a Golden Lab, and they are two of the happiest, most peaceful dogs you've ever meet - not just well trained, but they have a huge area they are free to come and go in, run around, play in, or relax in.


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