Is it just me or is the world making people insane?

Not to place blame on any particular thing, but doesn't it seem like the world is all too stressful for no reason all these horrible jobs, a bunch of endless stress, the world has no common goal, the only goal is to make money.


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  • nope, people are making other people insane and we're making ourselves insane and everyone else around isane..., so people are making this world insane.
    this comment sounds insane 2 but it's tru'

    • Yea well to basically said what I was trying to say, you just said it better, but yea this is what I meant.

    • lol, glad I said the right thing. :D
      and yeah, you're right, it's stressful...

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  • This is why everyone needs a motorcycle.
    Pop wheelies to forget feelies. A place where you can be clinically insane for a few hours.

    The baby boomers had it easy.

    "At my first job I only made $15k a year"
    in today's money , that's a 47K per year first job.

    Drives up federal deficit for 30 years , hand the bills to the kids.

    "When I was in college , my summer job paid for my tuition" *tuition was like 400 bucks.

    "Why don't you call to see if they're hiring?" *outsources job to Mexico*

    *never wrote a resume , got his first job with a handshake

    *complains government medical welfare will ruin everything , loves medicare.

    The new generation in the developed world is FUCKED.

    • The funniest thing I've ever heard.
      "This is big country , you don't always have to work at the big cities"
      *recommends you to move 2000km from the coast to YUKON which is like Canadian Alaska*

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  • Godlessness has placed us where we are.

  • Crazy? Nope, our minds are just adapting to the changing world, and now the greatest threat to the average human comes from within his or her own society.

  • i totally agree man. some places are just very focused on work and the work pressure is really high, in other places they are more laid back. it depends on where you live.

    • Yea honestly it's like work till you die, I don't believe human beings are made for all this, i think of humans as more of creative's and innovators you know, humans are creatures who like innovation improvement as well as self improvement if you get what I mean.

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    • yeah, they only want you for the money you can bring in.

    • Yes so true

  • It does

  • The goal is to survive! :p AND have fun while doing it! ;) so that's y u gotta go wild sometimes :p

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