Is it true the more you run after something the further away from you it goes?

When I was in University I never made honour roll.

All 4 bloody years.

It made me wonder... sometimes if you have a goal which is too rigid can that almost prevent you from achieving it?

I know many peers who made honour roll who didn't work as hard as I did on projects, but they just relaxed and studied and made it. I didn't


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  • FOCUS is the key in anything !!! Focus , confidence , ambition , determination , persistence and patients will allow you to succeed.

    • Are you sure

    • Positive... That brought me at high status in my life... And a lot of others too. I attended ) yes uni myself. That's exactly what it really takes in that order also.

    • Attended 6 years at a uni

  • It depends. Not everything is within our reach

    • What do you mean exactly

  • Sometimes it seems like it


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