Hypothetically, what would you do if you had $ 5 billion?

My immediate answer would be to make a difference in the life of people, but I notice so many initiatives around the world and I don't know if all of these actually touch the problem on helping impoverished or uneducated masses.

25 years ago people spoke of helping underdeveloped and developing countries, for the past many years there have been numerous initiatives, spending etc. But does anyone feel like things are more or less that same in those places? That the initiatives and their efforts are not meeting their goals either due to cultural barriers or governments in those countries?

Think of this hypothetical question for a while - if you even have $1 billion you can by 5000 Lamborghini Gallardos, or start 2000 fancy casinos, or buy every fancy dress you want, eat at your favorite restaurant everyday or buy 100 nice islands for yourself or have 100 private jets or buy your own cruise liner. You can travel anywhere you want, see everything you want. What's left to do now? You still have $4 billion left. What would you use all that money for? Let's say you have no family.


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  • I would probably get a couple degrees because I like school and there are so many courses I want to take in university that I can't afford to take currently. I'd also donate money to the mission and Peta as well as other charities I support. I'd also travel the world. There is an arts school that is dear to me that I'd donate a bunch of money to as well. And then I'd live a life of luxury while working as an osteologist so Id have something to stress me out because I function on stress. In my will, if I had no family, I'd donate the remaining money to build schools and dig wells in third world countries and have a plain funeral because I don't want anything extravagant.


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  • I'm not a very materialistic person, so I could easily make due with only a few of these things for myself. I do admit I have a love for big mansions, so I'd probably get one or two of those. And I would love to travel a lot. But cars, yachts, private jets? Meh, that just sounds decadent to me.

    As for other people in this world: I don't believe in charities. The problem with charities is that the money you donate rarely ends up where you'd like it to end up. Instead, I would combine my philanthropy with my love for traveling and visit those poor countries myself. I would love to found well-equipped schools and hospitals in remote or poverty-ridden regions, so that more people get access to these things. I would also like to found special schools for girls in countries such as Iraq or Somalia where women are oppressed and often withheld from any decent education. With my money, I could build those schools in a way that would protect the girls' safety and of course I would hire lots of security guards, to make terrorist attacks virtually impossible (terrorists really hate girls' schools). The schools would give off the atmosphere of fancy private schools but they would be free for all those children.
    And finally, one more thing that is very dear to me is clean, safe, drinkable water. I am extremely blessed, coming from Switzerland (often nicknamed the "water-castle of Europe"). I can drink chlorine-free, bug-free spring water directly from the mountains out of my tap. Unfortunately, billions of people in the world aren't so privileged. They have to drink whatever they get their hands on. And it gets worse than that: evil multi-national companies such as Nestlé or CocaCola buy up tons of natural springs in Africa and Central Asia. These are springs that have always been public and are absolutely vital for the communities nearby. Without these springs, the people living there don't have any water, can't grow their crops and die. Nestlé and CocaCola (and others) buy up those springs, privatize them and sell that water in plastic bottles for horrendous prices that none of the poor people in those communities can pay. With 5 billion USD, I think I'd have enough cash to fight those companies legally or to at least find other ways of bringing the water back to those communities...

    • Yes, I like the idea of providing clean drinking water to all. No government or regime can be opposed to that. As regarding starting schools, its a difficult thing because breaking the cultures of those places, and fighting the hardliners might land you in a war with them. They might bomb your school or not even let you build one.

      I agree with you on the charities. That's what I notice too, you see charities around the world and I wonder where all the money has gone. It's like they have billions all together but the situations are the same.

    • But we still need to try to provide education, even if it's dangerous. That's what Europe and America is supposed to do in the middle east. We don't fight terrorism by dropping bombs and trading weapons and sticking a surveillance camera on every building in the west. That's insane. THE number one solution to extremism of any kind is education. America and Europe should be spending billions to build great schools in the middle east, not to kill people. Unfortunately, the latter is much more profitable for the corrupt political class.

    • Yes, governments seem to be working for profit in wars. But another part of the challenge is to permeate an education system into a culture while convincing them that there isn't a cultural or religious invasion of any sort.

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  • I'd pay off my student loans, for sure. I'd probably invest in a new vehicle as well. I'd help my parents out with some of their bills. I'd save a good chunk of the money, too.

    • Your wishes are modest for this amount. If you buy a vehicle, assuming it's the costliest car - Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita that's $4.8 million. That's like if you had $1 million, you bought it with $4.8.

      Your parent's bills would be nothing. And assuming your student loans are $200,000 , that's nothing. What's the best way you would use the money?

    • I'm a modest person. I'm a saver, not a spender. I'd save whatever I had left over.

  • This has always been my dream regardless of money.
    I want to go to countries where children don't have the opportunity to go to school.
    Set up schools around the world where these children can get an education.
    6am - 7am do some gardenting work
    7 am - 2pm school/study.
    2-4pm more gardening work
    4-6pm phyical exercise or other recreational activities
    somehing along that line...

  • If I had no family whatsoever, I would spend some to make my life very comfortable first then I would presue my dreams. It would be made easier with money and I would also donate money to the homeless and money for research/development of better mental illness treatments. It'd be really cool to have that much money lol

  • Buy a house near the beach somewhere
    Give some to my parents
    Save the rest

    • You would probably have $4 billion left, would you save it even if you have no future generations? What's the point of it?

    • I read millions not billions lol. I'd probably invest somewhere, give to associations, etc.

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  • Start my own space program. Buy a lot of industrial robots. Build a refinery somewhere near Mars. Harness asteroids. Refine them into metal rods approximately a meter wide by four meters long. Stockpile tens of thousands of these things. Send them to the mass driver I had built out by the moon. Completely level a couple cities so. govs know that I'm serious, then issue my demands. For every hour they're not met, another kinetic projectile gets launched.

    I wouldn't demand money or to be a ruler. I just want. gov out of everyone's life to the greatest extent possible. No more quotas, no preferential treatment for X group, no more Shitty divorce laws, no more gun control, no more "Free Speech Zones", no more police checkpoints, no more 'war' on drugs that are less harmful than cigarettes, no more taxing the life out of people who work so that 60% of their check can be given to welfare parasites, no more. gov meddling in every aspect of everything.

    Those kinetic weapons pack almost as much punch as a nuke, without the radiation. They'll do.

    • I like the way you think man. That's awesome - to invest in technology. Even a modest space program would cost hundreds of millions, so you would be using most of your money. Can I ask if the government isn't in place, who would enforce the law?

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    • Is there a paradox here? If the government is big and strong, it leads to government taking advantage of the masses. If the government is small and weak, corporate and local groups can become strong enough to overthrow the government.

      A solution would be to allow people to wield power (like possession of arms, as the 2nd amendment does). But do you think something else can be put in place to prevent government misuse of power while simultaneously seeing that a lawful society is in place?

    • Good question. I think that there's a difference between. gov having the power to do what it is there for (protecting the rights of the People, defending the country's borders, and interacting with foreign powers), and having the power to interfere in every aspect of our lives.

      I'm not sure of the answer, but I know it's neither Marxism (which we're rapidly descending into) nor crony capitalism (which is what we currently have in the US). I think maybe it would take a type of change that can't be accomplished by throwing rocks at the planet from space.

      But I still want to throw those rocks.

  • I'd have a big ranch in the country for me and my girlfriend, a city pad, and maybe a place on a tropical island. All my family and friends would be taken care of with nice homes and all the debts paid.

    I would get my fixed and rotary wing licences so I could fly around in both private jets and helicopters. I'd have a garage with all my favourite cars and bikes. My girlfriend would have her animals on our ranch.

    Is this greedy? Not with five billion. I know of a lot of charities that could desperately use the boost to improve their facilities and hire the staff/buy the equipment they need. I would set up foundations to help kids go to university without the burden of a student debt. I'd invest most of it to ensure that all those causes would have a steady flow of income forever.

    Oh, and I'd totally be taking a trip to the International Space Station.

  • That's why too much money.

    Probably wouldn't ever end up using half of it (except the inflation gets out of hand). I would invest a bit in property and rent it away to get steady income though.

    Else I would give away quite some to family and help a few friends with their plans. For myself I would pay off my property and renvoate my home. I might hire a personal cook though. Rest will be a lot of travelling.

    • Great. Yea, it's way too much. Come to think of it there are quiet a few billionaires who have more than that. But it's my observation in life, that everyone seems to want to get somewhere. If they earn $20,000 income annually, they get a house, car and luxuries of that level, but they want more. Which is normal and fair. But I often wonder if an amount like $ 5 billion is an upper limit to a man's material wishes.

  • Invest in more Companies and future Projects... give to charities... basically what I'm already doing... I know what it's like to be rich... but I also know what it's like to be poor, that's why even tho I have money I'm pretty humble. Hell there's been days where I just say fuck it and take a taxi to work and back... or is that because i don't like driving all the time... hmm... :v

    • Rich is a subjective term. Most people I would consider rich, wouldn't be rich by the standards of people living in say Beverly hills.

  • Live in emirates , a house in jumiria, buy tons of cars and private jet and the house in the middle of the sea and a yacht and partyay

    • That's awesome. You'd probably still be left with about $4 billion or so depending on how many cars you buy. A 7 bedroom in jumera costs $ 3.7 million, which would be a trifling amount for you. Assuming you buy 1500 cars each worth $500,000 (costliest on the Ferraris). A private jet with a pilot and life time cost to pay him might be $30 million. A yatch with insurance and everything would come to $1 million. You have no relatives, what would you do with the money?

    • I'd get my family to live with me well and just leave the rest maybe make a company or something

    • What would your company do?

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