I'm new what kind of questions can I ask?


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  • Go up to the top of the screen and look through the different topics. You can ask questions related to any of those things.


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  • You may ask any kind of question you desire, except the following two (or variations thereof):

    - "I dry-humped my boyfriend yesterday. We were fully dressed but he looked at me in a really sexual way. Might I be pregnant?"

    - "Guys, do you find big outer labia in a vagina disgusting? What if the outside of the vagina looks rather dark than pink?"

    - "Girls, I have a 5-inch penis. Is that too small? How big does a penis have to be for you to like it?"

    - "My boyfriend yesterday said to me: 'I don't love you anymore and I want to break up with you'. What could he have meant by that?"

    - "I am turk. Please tell. What you think of turk people? Turk people like? sorry, English not so good, google translate"

    If you ask any of these questions (or variations thereof), you will immediately be expelled from the community. Other than that, go ahead and ask away ;-).


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  • Any questions lol

    • Really i just don't want to get banned you know.

    • Well, I mean you. would get banned for like nudes and stuff.

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