Do I have the right to feel afraid that I might grow taller, when I'm almost 25? How can I verify it, that I won't?

I will turn 25 in October, still this thing scares me. Even if I stopped gaining any height for years, I have heard cases about men growing in their late 20s, so it scares me a little bit.

I do my "best" to stunt my growth, and as it seems I'm on a good way. But you'll never know what it will happen.


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  • Are you already extremely tall? Why would you not want to grow as tall as you could?

    I am not a man, but I was 5'3 at 16 (when girls are supposed to stop growing) and then at 20, I grew another inch and a half, dropped 15 lbs, and grew a cup size.

    So... I know guys stop growing in their 20's... I always heard 22 as the stopping point though. Then again... I completely changed 4 years after I was supposed to have stopped so...

    • Actually I'm under the average male height. I have a certain phobia though, that I cannot analyze right now.

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  • Im pretty sure you are done growing. Dont worry. Most men finish their growth at 21. I highly doubt you grow any more at 25.


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