Anyone else feeling like this?

I'll be turning 20 soon and I feel like I have not done much with my life so far at all. I'm simply talking about having fun and doing normal stuff that makes you fulfilled. It feels like there's been so much more anxiety and emptiness than peaceful moments in those 20 years.


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  • Unless your rich most of your fulfillment comes when you are an adult because you are in control of yourself and working to do the things you want to. When I was 20 my fulfillment was just graduating h. s. and going into college and moving out and living on my own is normal things. Anything else will come with time, money and motivation to do it.

    • When I talked about fulfillment I was talking about simple things such as having a fun conversations with friends for example, or learning a new activity...

    • Motivation is all that's need for learning a new activity and time. As for fun conversation with friends, meh, it's overrated after a few years you don't worry about that kind of nonsense.

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  • I always Say "Your life is what you make it."
    Begin your new Beguine of Going out more, Finding friends that are Fun, hun, and from there, Make your own life a Spice of Life with things that you Want to Do and to Accomplish
    My own Mom always tells me "You should write a book about your own life," and with Being a Playwright, I guess I Sort of Have.
    Good luck and Happy early Birthday. xxoo

    • You are such a sweet person! Thanks ♥

    • Thank you, hun, and also for the Like... You have your Whole Life ahead of you, sweetie. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • A new recruit for the anti-social squad. Please feel free to take a seat in the corner and ignore the outside world along side us

  • That's what I'm feeling right now. Except worse.

    • Why worse?

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    • Alright! Well, you can leave your email here if you're okay with that... or any other way to contact you. Goodnight! Speak soon

    • theoneguywhois@gmail. com

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  • at the age of 20 were all just getting off of our feet. give yourself a little time

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