Everyone say 10 random facts about themselves?

anything literally like where u have a birthmark for ex

my answer:
- i love guys who will love my feet
- army uniforms turn me on
- kissing always turned me on more than fucking
- I've always been interested in the male mentality
- i love covering my room in flowers
- i think femininty is beautiful and wish guys would appreciate it more
- i love the smell of the bathroom after a shower
- i want to get married at a young age
- i love 60s music
- i love the vulnerable and emotional side of guys


Most Helpful Guy

  • - I almost witnessed a threesome on a rooftop until cops came in busting everything
    - I had a 6-digit court-case against me.
    - I have way too much unnecessary knowledge
    - I earned some cash with gaming and 5-digit cash with online poker a few years ago.
    - I am capable of hypnotising people.
    - My girlname was supposed to be eve
    - My great-great-grandfather was one of the first in the NSDAP and got the Golden Party Badge for it. My grandfather still has it.
    - I have been in 3 physical fights, never started, each time one-punch KO
    - My favourite dog-breed are giant schnauzers
    - I got sexual with a muslim girl


Most Helpful Girl

  • I Love and Believe in God, My Father
    I am a Wise ol Owl on Gag, who has Been Lucky to have Made it to Master of Her own Domain, which with my own Experiences in Life Most of my Life, I have been very Good at Helping Others with their Problems.
    I am Not Into a Real Relationship, Mostly into Dating at the Moment, Taking a Break because Since the Age of 13, I have dated and Mated.
    I love Social work and have worked in Group Homes, Caring for Many kinds of People, young and old
    I have Gone Abroad and have been Fortunate enough to have Traveled to Other countries, even living in Egypt for awhile with a Husband I ended up Meeting and Marrying
    I am a Good person with a Kind heart, maybe too much so
    I love Donating to the Humane Societies, along with other Charities when Asked of me
    I am Neat and Organized
    I'm a Good Writer, Writing Plays and Poetry, Making even a Good name for Myself
    My parents have enough Confidence and Trust in me to make me Executor of their "Living Trust," Alive and Deceased
    *Good luck and Great question, @isthatgirl xx


What Guys Said 11

  • I love to laugh
    Smart Women are my Kryptonite
    Green is my favorite color
    I refuse to see "The Godfather"
    I'd like to visit Scotland once before I die
    I was an Eagle Scout
    There's an illict tape of me out there somewhere
    Women dressed up is more of a turn on for me than scantily clad women
    I've been on Tv 3 times
    I was married at a young age and don't recommend it

    • wow thats rlly interesting.. i like that u like dressed up women

  • -I have a giant dent scar across my belly
    -I have some strange pet peeves
    -I like eating candy
    -my favorite food is jambalaya
    -I like pepperoni and chorizo on my pizza
    -I work on a farm
    -I'm a college student
    -I have depression
    -I'm Italian American
    -I am strange

    • aww im always here if u need someone to talk to

  • -My favourite Pokemon is Rayquaza
    -I grow carnivorous plants as a hobby
    -My three favourite actors are Liam Neeson, Martin Freeman and Robin Williams
    -The walls of my bedroom are painted "Dragon's lair" blue but my favourite colour has been green since I was a child (the first fact being the reason)
    -I still have my birthday cards displayed in my room (my birthday is in March)
    -I was a huge Tolkien buff two or three years ago. I have retained the basic lore, but lost a lot of the fine detail/chronology to time.
    -I have a scar on the side of my head where a birdbox fell and hit me as a child, coincidentally, I have kept budgies, chickens, pigeons and volunteered in an aviary.
    -I am just under 6'3", but both of my friends in my class are taller than me.

    I think there are ten in there :)

  • I'm awesome
    I love sex but I can control
    I won't marry more than once
    I love platinum more than gold cause it looks classy
    I'm a musician
    I like playing and doing crazy as well as dangerous stuff
    I respect girls and can't even argue with them
    I love weapons and cars
    I flirt a lot without even realising it
    I'll be rich or die try :P

  • - I hate cold water on me
    - I am double jointed
    - I have many scars all over my body from countless accidents and fights
    - I make and watch special fires when I'm alone during the night, outside
    - I accidentally shot and killed a bird while it landed in front of my target, to this day no one knows I did it
    - I once nearly killed an intruder, unintentionally
    - I play the drums
    - I have slight anxiety when I think too much about death
    - A rabbit tried to hump my foot
    - Birds have shitted on my head 2 times in the past 10 years

    • loveee the fire one

    • I know it's fun but people think I'm dangerous because of doing it, my favourite will always be making green fire though

  • - i'm a closet daredevil
    - i love japanese girls, just because
    - i suck at dating
    - i have a shitty personality
    - i'm a pessimist
    - i like to ghost around with some people believing i have died long time ago
    - my fav. food is sushi
    - my fav. drink is coffee
    - i been in a motorcycle crash
    - i'm a boring person who doesn't have friends and doesn't attempt to communicate with others or make friends or relationships, just drifting truth life like a plastic bag in the wind

  • I like welding
    I was on fire twice (in the same day)
    I like linux
    Im laid back
    I like sleeping
    I dont drink and dont smoke
    I love snow
    I can't sit still sometimes
    I design some stuff

  • no thnx

  • My favorite element is titanium
    I'm a canadain
    My grandpa was a ww2 Victoria Cross winner
    I own a ford f150 fx4
    I ride horses
    I'm a certified first aider
    I'm license to drive any road vechele expect a motercycle
    I have a brother
    I never broke a bone
    I'm a bit of a adrenaline junkie

    • i wish i could agree with u on the last one :( im scared of heights, speed, etc

    • Start taking aintiexiaity drugs

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What Girls Said 13

  • - I have a daddy kink
    - I have so many birthmarks I lose count
    - I have a permanent retainer
    - my top two front teeth are cemented together
    - my shoe size is 8/8.5 in women; 4.5 in kids
    - my birthday is the 8th of July
    - my favorite color is red
    - I don't know how to keep relationships casual
    - touching my butt is the #1 way to turn me on
    - I put my own nudes online


    • i like the truthfullness gurlll

  • ~I don't like the way being crossfaded feels
    ~I love music... i. e. all genres
    ~I can't get off by just penetration alone
    ~I hate coca-cola
    ~I don't like yogurt or oatmeal because of the textures
    ~I prefer editing over writing
    ~I am a freelance photographer, writer, and editor
    ~I scrapbook but I haven't in a while
    ~I drive illegally because I don't have time to go take my driving test to get my license. I do have my permit though.
    ~I think I might be ready to break up with my boyfriend

  • Got a really deep voice
    Like to repeat my name a lot
    I'm very round
    I ooze toxic gas
    Always happy looking
    My skin is purple
    I obey my master
    I like to fight others
    When I grow up, I'll have another head attached to me
    I have 2 teeth

  • - I love crab and lobster so much that I can't get enough.
    - I study psychology, history, and sexuality as a hobby
    - I've been playing Tabletop RPG's since I was 10, still considered a weird girl for it.
    - I have 146 IQ
    - I've swam competitively for many years, 200 IM was my best event.
    - Pizza and sushi are my favorite foods.
    - I've been close to many "dangerous" animals, including wolves, tigers, and cheetahs
    - My job is dominated by men but I've held my own and have been promoted to a managerial position, I'm in sound design.
    - I can speak, and read, close to five languages.
    - I'm professionally trained as a singer.

  • -I also love the emotional and vulnerable side of guys
    -If I don't have at least one cup of coffee every day I get a headache
    -I fantasize about my future a lot
    -I want to be an actress but I have awful stage fright
    -I sing when I'm alone despite sounding terrible
    -my room is the only place I feel safe and at peace
    -I'm really awkward at first but if I get to know you I can be really fun to talk to
    -sometimes my face gets all red even when I'm not embarrassed at all and it sucks because people point it out which makes it worse
    -I want exotic pets
    -I have absolutely no clue what I'm interested in as far as careers go

    • can't agree more with the last one

  • - I'm an asshole
    - I'm Italian
    - I'm a yankee
    -I love studying
    -I want to be an epidemiologist one day
    -I'm an introvert
    -I'm blonde
    -I'm super girly but not prissy
    -I can be very kind and conpassionate despite being an asshole
    -I have asthma

  • - I am considering being an EMT
    - I am a college student on a break
    - the only class this fall is an English class, I might take the winter semester off
    - I am going to Europe, (London and Scotland) in nine days
    - Instead of giving and receiving gifts, my family is going to New Orleans for Christmas
    - To be honest, I still don't know how I will get time off from my work for the New Orleans trip, I am considering saying that I am flying out of state to see a neurologist for my migraines
    - I am considering not having children, but I will have a few dogs.
    - I love tiny houses and I want one myself and I can have more money to travel
    - I hate the summer, but I love autumn and winter. I think spring is okay.
    - I have a scar in my skull because I was dropped on my head as baby and almost died.

    • wow thank u for sharing

  • I have a scar but it is a not bad scar. For some weird reason I don't mind having it.

    My dress caught on fire once.. while I was wearing it.

    I got chased by 2 cows.

    I can't handle heat

    I used to like autumn. It was my favorite season.

  • Uhhhhh
    - I get tattoos and piercings to hide the fact that I'm horribly insecure
    - I weighed 120 pounds the day I had my daughter them dropped back to 90 two day later
    - I've watched so much wentworth that I think in an Australian accent like wtf
    - my family doesn't know my boyfriend is in a gang
    - I eat like a whole family size bag of chips in one sitting
    - I've gone to Disneyland 3 times a week since I was 7
    - I hate doing dishes
    - I'm afraid to cook chicken because I've gotten food poisoning from it being undercooked at a restaurant
    - dumbo is my favorite movie
    - I'm in about 10 group chats on Facebook and they drive me crazy

    • ahahhaha i agree with the last one.. interesting

  • - I really love playing portal and portal 2
    - I like guys in suits, as I find them sexy
    - I am dyslexic so my spelling is likely to suck
    - I have played/own every ps1/ps2 spyro the dragon game before Skylanders
    - I like rock and metal music, but also have a soft spot saved for Owl CIty
    - I find intelligences the most attractive quality in a guy
    - I yawn like a puppy
    - I believe make up is over used and detracts from natural beauty with that much crap on your face
    - I do not like PDA, but in private it's a different story entirely
    -I really like making lists

  • -I've got a birthmark under my boob and I want a tattoo to cover it
    -My highest weight was 152 lbs at 5'4"
    -I wanna go on a safari 🐵🐅🐐
    -Music is my favorite thing
    -I'm supposed to be studying right now but IDGAF

    • thats not 10 :( but i like the first facttt

    • -I only skim questions which is why I only wrote 5
      -I like big cities
      -I'm expert at drawing semi realistic eyes but not the rest of the face
      -3.8 gpa
      -Rarely get sick

    • im jealous that ur gd at studying im just very irresponsible and lazy pls help give some motivation

  • There are more than ten on my profile :)

  • I'm a new student in college for a social work degree
    I am a tomboy
    I have no life. (Sheltered life)
    I don't have many friends. I push them away
    I like to be dirty sometimes
    Hate spiders and allergic.
    I'm falling for a guy I can't have and I think he's playing me.
    Never done drugs.
    Don't really know how to have fun
    I have a strict, abusive, controlling family.
    I'm almost a legal little person.
    I think that's 10

    • aww ik how that feels

    • At least I'm not the only one lol

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