Bad that I focus on working and kind of ignoring him. Is ot showing im not interested although I still am?

We had a short but amazing relationship where we connected on every level. he fell into stress and then broke up with me after saying somethings that totally confuse me bc before it was so great. Anyway since bu we talk sometimes had sex a few times too. he said once when I asked to hang he had a lot going on and not sure how he felt about everything. Well now i see him everyday at his summer camp. Im there with a student. He texted me after the first day t see how it was. We catch each other looking at one another and everyone else sees it too. Well i def want him back and am going to tell him how I still feel. If nothing happens at least i tries, but to not make it awkward and obvi at camp I try to tend and mind my own business and not really talk with him and focus on my student. Is that a bad thing that I try and shy away from it is that showing that im not interested or what. I dont want to make it so obvious about us i want to keep it professional. So i mean I text him during the weekend and no text during the week eventhough I sort of want to and might.


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  • If this guy wants to be with you then he will work to get you back. You dont have to put your life on hold for him. He wasn't too stressed to hit you up for sex and talk to you. it sounds like he just wanted a fling and needed an excuse to end it. I think you should hold your head up, maintain your dignity and not tell him your feelings. I mean HE BROKE UP WITH YOU. If he didn't dump you, y'all would probably still be together. Dont let this guy take up rent space in your head if he isn't going to be your man. Just focus on work and ignore him. Dont text him unless he texts you, and even when he does screen those texts too