Why doesn't anyone like me?

I have two likes on my Facebook profile picture. I'm not even kidding. And both of those are people who are childhood friends and don't know me well.

I finished University. One would think I'd have at least some friends or acquaintances to care.

But nope. I know my behaviour at school may be construed as arrogant, but I was really just miserable. Now I wonder if people thought what does SHE have to be arrogant about? She's not that pretty or that smart.

I sometimes felt as though I was living in a dream world. I thought people cared and noticed me.

Now when I'm this miserable and alone... I realize I was living a lie. No one gave a shit about me at school


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  • Well, since I know you only by what you said, have you tried to be less "arrogant"?

    Be pleasant to people, say something nice to them, start small talks. And the easiest and most important thing, smile.

    Dont care about what was in the past, join some group or find a new hobby and just be pleasant to people, soon you will have plenty of friends.

    • I think I grew up believing that if you're not smart or you're not employable you're nothing. No one will even want to be your friend because they can't get something out of you.

      In business school this is true. People only befriend those who they consider are their equal. And if they do befriend someone who isn't, it is usually so they can use them as a sidekick.

      Hence the arrogance is almost a defence mechanism to be like I don't care about you. But the problem is I do care

    • This is wrong way of thinking.
      How do you judge somebody's "smartness"? He can be complete idiot on economics but can rule tech stuff out of the world. This is not a good approach even for business connections. I don't know if you ever noticed but successfull people often know a lot of people, and I doubt it that they met them because they were arogant (arogant are usualy spouses of those people or their kids, which haven't been on the road of accomplishment but rather were given one), but rathef because they know how to keep connections with people and know them.

      For better future, please learn how to interact with people, and learn that you're by far not the best (when people get at some point of knowledge then they realize how actually little they know, by this realization you understand how clever somebody is), at best most of us can be just slightly above average (and way below in other things).

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  • You have to love yourself first. Your view about yourself has to come from you. You learn to relate to other people. You have to go out and get life experiences in order to connect with other people. Facebook diesnt determind if anyone likes you. if yiu are basing on FB to determind your life. Then you are only hiding behind a screen with no real world/life experience.


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  • i sure others love you, not everyone uses facebook i dont, you just need to be friendly and if there's a guy you like, approach him. most guys are not going to approach girls, because guys are commonly rejected, girls usually are not rejected.

    • I think it's also about me feeling like I'm not good enough.

      There's this program at my school for internships which I didn't do (you have to get accepted). I wasn't accepted but pretended like I was to finish the term.

      Now they of course realize I was never enrolled in it and I wonder if they think I was an imposter.

      I read somewhere the opposite of love isn't hatred it's indifference. So true. Feels like no one cares about me at all

    • aww dont say that. school sucks anyways, dont stress it, thats why i dropped out.

  • Sounds depressing. You should go see a therapist.

    • Yeah.

      I just feel like... I behaved however I wanted to behave like in University and not saying I was right but I wasn't entirely wrong either.

      Now it's like my eyes have opened. I wasn't that smart, I wasn't that highly regarded. I was sorta pretty so I got attention sure but it was never respect.

      And I'm apparently not THAT pretty because if I was then I wouldn't be completely alone

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    • That's your delusion.

      How would you know the first thing there is to know about therapists seeing as how you've never actually seen one?

      Think about what I just said :)

    • It wasn't hard to figure out

  • so your life quality is defined by how many people press a button on a website on the internet?

    i think you have other issues that need attention lol

    • No it's not even about the liking part of it.

      It's about no one caring. I literally feel no one cares.

      No one cares if I go on vacation. No one cares if I'm working or not working. I am officially non-existent in people's lives

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    • Because I went to business school and people's friendships are so manipulative. Everyone only really befriends other people they see as successful in some way.

      The fact that I'm being left alone altogether is indicative of them not really perceiving me as such.

      Plus come on. Two likes on a profile picture. That's a whole new level of patheticness

    • the first part is not specific to you only

      the second part is a website on the internet

      i repeat my questions

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  • well i've noticed those that really find Christ in their lives become much more likeable and peaceful in their appearence and attitude. maybe you need some of His grace.

  • I think your problem is you're measuring how people like you by social media likes and the fact that you're done with university and you still care what other people think about you or like you.

    • I am just done (as in I finished in June).

      I understand a lot of people might think I have nothing to do with them anymore.

      But I still feel like a complete loser because it made me question whether the whole time I was there anyone actually even cared in the first place.

      Feels like the 4 years was a lie

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    • It almost feels like the problem is with me. People just don't care about me.

      That's what I'm starting to believe. I'm not smart enough

    • I think I was right about saying you need to do some self-exploration and mental maturing. You're measuring your self worth with what other people think about you. And if you're speaking logically, how does being smart directly correlate to people liking you? Logically, you know a person's intelligence doesn't necessarily equate to other people's affections.