How to overcome nerves?

I'm auditioning for X Factor next year, and they're doing the room auditions so that's better than the stage auditions... But I feel super nervous and I'm afraid that I may forget the words or not sound good... Is there anything I can do to overcome that?


Link to me singing 'Greatest Love of All'
That was my first time performing on stage by myself and it was a few months ago x


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  • yes - by actually being good
    are you actually good? then you will be fine.

    let us hear!

    • How? 😂😂

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    • Oh okay... But if I do make the changes, do you think I could sound drastically better within say the next year?

    • i dont know
      everyone is different, everyone improves differently and at different rates

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  • If your worried about not sounding good or you will forget the words, try practicing infront of friends and family, maybe even record yourself singing and post it on youtube perhaps? Just keep practicing!
    Also when I use to be nervous for my exams I'd take glucose sweets, they would help calm a lot of my nerves down by 50% I think!
    Good luck with X factor! I'm sure you will do good! :)