My Dad wants a Golden Retriever but?

He's still a puppy and we would love to take him but once he grows up he's energic and big. I think a smaller dog would be suitable because my mom can't handle big ones and i was thinking about a pomeranian but my dad only likes big dogs. Our flat has like 95 m2 and isn't that small for such a dog? wouldn't a smaller dog be more suitable? he doesn't like small dogs at all.


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  • 1000 square feet doesn't sound that bad. I'd say having a yard would be the biggest factor, unless you're going to train him to somehow use a litter box. Your dog probably doesn't like little dogs because...
    -They're yappy.
    -He'll look ridiculous walking around with it.
    If you want to skim this thread, probably other reasons.

    • we have a yard but he could easily run away and yeah he said you can't have as much fun with them as with big dogs but i think small ones are adorable and playful and what do you mean with useless?

    • They're little yappy rodents basically haha. Well I assume it's a shared lawn, I'm sure you could sink a metal spike below ground level slightly, with a loop, then hook him on that if he needs time in the yard. Useless for a few reasons, but in general, just not the type of dog many guys would want. Small dogs just seem ridiculous in general haha. Medium sized ones are even worlds better.

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  • Golden Retrievers are the most popular dogs, and it is no wonder. They're very lovable and get along well with kids. However, they do require a good bit of space and exercise. If your dad is going to be the one to walk and train him (and that is okay with your mom) in a reasonable amount of space, I do not see the issue. I'm not sure what your mom's hold-up with big dogs is, but if she's scared of them, your dad may want to rethink the size of the dog.

    • my mom is scared of big dogs and have no idea why my dad doesn't like small dogs, he had a small one once though

    • Maybe try for middle ground with a medium-sized dog.

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  • Golden Retrievers are the greatest breed, they are perfect, but do need a lot of space and have a lot of energy and need to exercised often. But you will never have a better dog.

  • Let him have the dog he wants.

  • Awwww get the golden retriever. They're sooo adorable and loving ❤️😍