What does this dream mean?

So I had a dream that me and my ex boyfriend (who I've been broken up with for three months) and I kissed. And it was a really really good kiss but afterwards we bothe agreed we should keep it as best friends because it didn't work last time. Does this mean I want to get back with him? I do still like him well as a friend he is one of my best friends. But what does this mean?


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  • if you dont know if you still like him, and just like him as a friend then you obviously dont want to get back with him.
    and it doesn't seem like he was a boyfriend in the beginning since you didn't know what you wanted with him, then or now.
    so its just a stupid dream.


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  • That you are still not over him and that you have not moved on from that relationship. You still have unfinished business if removing him completely from your life because you really don't want to. If this is hindering your life from moving forward, that means you need to drop the friendship. Because when your friends with an ex, you can't get rid off, your going to want to go back no matter how bad things are going to be because your still riding on that emotional train. You need to serious ask yourself: Do you really need another train wrack relationship and you can't even remain civil or friends with the ex, that you still see romantically?

    Be honest with yourself. But it sounds like your not, and your holding on because you are still afraid to be by yourself or scared that you may never find somebody.

    • I could never cut him out of my life. He has been my best friend since the beginning of high school. I just wish we had gone through with the plan to just be friends for a while until we figured it all out but ig since we were gonna go on a date as friends he wanted to make us an official couple and me being my naive self agreed. I do miss the times we were together and happy. My relationship with him was so easy and go-with-the-flow and I liked it but we couldn't pull off being apart for a summer seeing as we both can't drive and he has a job and I babysit we would both be busy over the summer. We also didn't see eye to eye on subjects but if we had tried we could've worked it out. It's just today was the first day seeing him since May and everything was he same it was so normal and just like it was before... Except he doesn't like me anymore and I'm not sure whether or not I like him.

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    • I can't cut myself off. I won't. He is my best friend. He's not the kind of guy to hurt someone, we still care about each other and our breakup was mutual and easy. And I just I couldn't imagine not having him in my life even just as friends.

    • @Asker I can understand that. I'm not saying that he will hurt you, but what I'm seeing is that your hurting yourself. You still have deep emotional attachments to him because you still regret breaking up with him.

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  • dreams are just from unresolved conflicts we have.


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  • Okay... dreams doesn't necessarily define everything. Can't you just ask yourself if you like him or not? And since it didn't seem to work out last time, you should stop spending your mental energy on him. You're just gonna stress yourself out.

    • The thing is last time we broke up because we wouldn't be able to see each other and his communication through text wasn't enough for me. But since school started I see him every day and I mean I don't know if I like him like that again or if I just like being in a relationship and miss one.

    • Then take time off and figure it out within yourself.

    • Thanks for the good advice! 😊

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