🐟 What do y'all think of my POF dating profile (WITH PICS)?

🐟 What do y'all think of my POF dating profile(WITH PICS)?3 sexy photos of me 💦💦💦💦

The rest of my profile

So what do y'all think, Is my profile top notch?


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  • It looks like any other profile.
    Nothing about it makes it stand out.
    The girls who find you interesting or attractive will contact you , or respond back to your advances.

    • How do i make it stand out more?

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    • no just the ones on dating sites. Guys on there stand no chance unless his profile says makes at least 50k a year otherwise they won't give a fuck. Most girls there like 99.9999% are either gold diggers or have that he should pay for the dates mentality or they're self absorbed. People's true personality come out when they hide behind the internet or when non of their friends or family are there watching them.

    • @blondfrog this niqqa knows what's up. Keeping that shit 1hunnid 👍

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  • The snapchat flowers make you appear a little too intimidating, other than that... Fine I guess haha.


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