Why aren't pokemon in the pokemon universe trained to speak?

I don't really play pokemon, but I did watch the anime as a kid, and if you lay the games but don't watch the anime then you should know that team rocket has a meowth that can speak perfectly well. The Lore says that he originally simply started imitating human speech to impress a female meowth, and over time he learned to do it for real. So if a normal pokemon is so easily capable of learning to speak, then why aren't pokemon in general *trained* to speak?


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  • In the video games none of them talk.

    All of them can understand human speech, so the issue is them knowing how to pronounce the stuff. That or they need to be telepathic. Though the anime logic never made any sense and doesn't even follow the games logic either.

    • whelp, my save just got corrupted. :-(

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    • I actually didn't know that, interesting.

    • yeah. I was browsing through the wiki and found out about egg groups and all that. the nidomonarchs are the same species, and yet nidoking can breed with other pokemon but nidoqueen can't breed at all. the wiki article for nidoqueen actually has a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense.

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  • well Team Rockets Meowth is a special case it's long been suspected that there's more to him then just being any old Meowth also if we went back your logic then why can't we train animals to speak in our world?

    also Pokemon is not that deep, the only Pokemon that can actually communicate with humans are usually legendary Pokemon that have the ability to speak telepathically, or in some cases physic Pokemon are able to do it to.

    • If you watch the anime it's clear that pokemon are much more intelligent than real-world animals. On par with humans, even.

    • Yes and no, I mean an ape is as intelligent as a primitive human but yet they can't speak English.

    • In the real world other animals simply lack the necessary anatomy to actually speak, but in the okemon anime *every single pokemon* does technicaly speak, it's just that everything besides the slowkings, the legendaryies, and that one meowth has Hodor syndrome (the only word they ever use is the name of whatever species of pokemon they are).

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  • Why are you questioning the lack of logic and consistency from a kids-anime?

  • I don't think Pok√©mon lore is that deep.