PLEASE HELP. Dorm allotment in American universities?

I am sorry, but I am not from America, so I have a little confusion regarding this.

1.) Can two people who belong to different majors (e. g. one is doing major in Psychology while the other one is major in English Literature) be allotted the same dorm?

2.) I know that guys and girls can't share the same dorm, but can they have rooms on the same floor, at least?



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  • 1. Yes

    2. Girls and Guys CAN share the same dorm building (not same room, obviously) And yes they can have rooms on the same floor, every university and even dorms within that university are different and have different restrictions. Some are all girls, some are all guys, some are co-ed. There are also dorms out there that have co-ed bathrooms on the floors.


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