Gliding In A Dream?

I had a very unusual dream yesterday that I haven't have had in my life.

The dream showed me going to the different country, I was exploring the country I was in and I felt happy in discovering the places, I also went into a theme park and enjoyed it's rides, there was also a guy who tried to mug me, but was unsuccessful at it.

Then I decided to try gliding at that point, I was very happy seeing the whole scenery from above, I saw people playing a match on the ground and someone landed a shot and the ball landed on my lap, everyone was looking at me in awe and wanted me to throw the ball down, which i eventually did and then the match continued.

After that I saw a very beautiful mountain covered with snow and it was still snowing, when I realised that if I went into the direction where the snow was on the mountain, I probably would fall because there was nothing to land on to, thats the moment where I turned my glide in the other direction and made a safe landing on the ground where the match was being played.

I am not sure what to think about this dream, it was an exquisite one, is there a certain meaning behind it that I have failed to understand? Has anyone have had similar dream / experiences?


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  • This type of dream suggests that you are on top of something. Maybe you’ve overcome a recent struggle at work; maybe you feel in control of your life in general. Think about how the feeling of being “on top” specifically relates to you, and make an effort to keep doing what you’re doing in order to stay there.

    I had a somewhat similar dream, where I was on a flying broomstick playing for the quidditch match for Gryffindor. I scored the touch down and woke up.


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  • Sounds like you were astral projecting xx


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