What are some things that you do?

What are some thing that you do that most don't do (or you think they don't do)?

conversely, what don't you do that seemingly most people do?

part 1 for me is : I choose to keep quiet rather than complain and figure out how to think positively of the situation.

Part 2: cohabitation... I just don't believe in it. Sleep overs are a different story. 😈😎


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  • I overthink


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  • You know how people always say "everyone is too worried about themselves to think about the embarrassing things you do or the mistakes you make" or whatever?

    Well, actually, I pay special attention to when people do something like that. I DO notice it, and I remember it, because when it happens, I think about what I said in quotation marks. I can't help it.

    So if I know you, I probably remember a lot of the embarrassing things you do. I notice that shit. I don't judge you for it, but I DO remember it for a while.

  • I eat food colouring straight out of the packaging for fun.

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