Girls, guys, tell me about your summer holidays?

Have you traveled? Did you stay at home?
Any special things you did that you want to share?
I haven't travelled this year... I'm in my second week off from work this week, and enjoying to hike and to do my hobby: visiting airports, flying, and reading about aviation :D


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  • I build on my self confidence, got an amazing body I intend to keep. Oh I also made a lot of money and I went to Grenada Carnival boy oh boy that was fun

    • Help me with Grenada... there are some cities with similar names and the Granada (with an A) I know is in Spain... but you probably mean another city?

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    • Yes it is

    • The Carnival holiday wins the MH :D

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  • I'm guessing you have no kids because your life sounds pretty free :).
    I spent my whole Summer taking care of my little one and working.
    When I did go out it was to kiddy places for him.

    • I was rated down? Okay... lol

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    • Yeah, you're right.
      The thing is I don't really care.. but it just mind boggles me that some people give it and it seems as if its for no real reason

    • I guess they need to vent emotion :o
      Like "I need something to hit, what's the closest breakable thing around?"... :-(

  • I'm to busy this summer with a new job. I'm planning a winter vacation though.

    • Sounds great :D
      Will you drive there by sled? Here in Belgium that wouldn't be an option, except if you put wheels under the sled so it can drive on concrete!

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    • Haha have you looked up Newtons' 27th law of motion? If you can find it you're sharper than me 8)
      But I'm guilty of a reasonably good sense of humour :D

    • I always like a sense of humour.

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  • Stayed home and worked at the grocery store mostly. I did go on a camping trip family reunion at the very end of the summer, but the day I came back was literally the day I started Resident Advisor training. It was the busiest training I've ever done for anything in my life.
    But it ended yesterday, and now the real job begins.

    • Hope the new job will be exciting!
      Gosh, coming home from holiday and straight into an intensive training :o not everyone would cope :o

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    • Well I meant I'm just tired and a little overwhelmed. Literally 10-12 hours a day doing reslife stuff. Hanging out with my building's staff almost every night on top of that.
      But it was worth it and it's gonna continue to be worth it over the year. I think the training worked lol--we're all super close, and we all know quite a bit. But it was a lot of content to learn in that time period... they said that last year training was twice as long.

    • Sounds great, enjoy it!