Is this physically possible?

Is this physically possible?When the phone case is off the phone works better then when it on?

Is there a Scientific explanation for this?

I doesn't make sence to me how could a phone case effect a phone it built for.


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  • When you take the case off the phone, is the phone HOT? If so, there's yr explanation.
    It is the middle of the summer, after all.

    This problem could be exacerbated by any of the following:

    • Apps that run in the background (lots of Android phones are running TONS of apps in the background).
    If you download the "Greenify" app (free on the play store), it will pinpoint exactly what is using how much battery life, and will let you inactivate the apps that are eating up most of the battery (and causing yr phone to overheat).

    • Malware (Android phones are notoriously susceptible to this, if you've ever checked "allow installation of apps from unknown sources").

    • A history of charging yr battery all the way to 100% (you should actually never do this -- you should only charge to about 80-90%. When you charge all the way to 100%, you shorten battery life and promote overheating.)

    All 3 of these things will promote overheating -- and the case will HELP overheating (it's like exercising in a plastic coat... like wrestlers do SO THEY CAN OVERHEAT when they're trying to cut weight).


    If the phone is not hot when you take it out of the case, then... I have no idea, unless the case is physically pressing buttons on the sides of the phone.


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  • I honestly don't see how a case could or would affect the phones operational capacity

    • Apps keep crashing when the case is on but when we take it off the apps work perfectly fine

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    • It was the only case in the whole 3 malls and 6 stores ever

    • That is stupid crazy dude

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  • Only thing I can think of is heat.

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