Does she like me or not?


little thing
i started college and been in this class for 1-2 weeks and there a girl used to wear glasses and u know ( nerdy) but she's beautiful
anyways we never talked and we never had any eye contact until like 3 days ago caught her few times looking at me but she just move her eyes away
so last 3 days she took of her glasses started to put make up and dress very well u know and she did her hair and etc...
but yesterday saw her sitting next to a nerd guy in my class and seems like they getting well with eachother and when class is done they stand with eachother to talk
so today i went to bus station with a friend we were talking about something and she was there busy with her phone and i was talking about looking for a work in someplace and suddenly she asked me :but there no cafe in that place and we had little 1 minute chat
we never talked before lol
and i saw her little nervous actually so what u think girls and guys?
i got told im attractive guy so I don't know if that something can help but nothing serious just curious to know if there anything so i can start a thing with her
its cool to start relationships in college u know :P


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think she likes u :).

    • how? :O
      if she does i will try to make some moves lol

What Guys Said 1

  • She does NOT like you. I can tell.

    • lol you said it like you doing a show
      You are Not the father! :P