How does Soccer sound as a mixed gender sport, both Club and FIFA?


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  • I can see it happening. It's pretty much the only major sport that could still be fairly balanced if women and men played together.

    • Except that women can play in the mens leagues in soccer and some tried and no one ever achieved it.

    • Which is to be expected. But as far as what physical abilities are needed in soccer, I can still see it happening.

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  • Soccer in general is stupid.


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  • It's stupid. Men are still physically superior and in the top leagues women just get pushed around like a joke.

    There have been two fairly recent competitions between men and women. Each time youth players rekt the best female players.

    • You mean men's teams and women's teams playing against each other? I mean men and women playing on the same teams.

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    • I get that and agree that the idea of pitting a men's team against a women's team is stupid, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. What I'm saying is that each team could have both men and women playing alongside each other.

    • God. Are you not reading what I said? The teams would just keep attacking the weak spots aka the female players. So if one team has a female as a left defender, they would send a male attacker against her.