San Diego vs. Los Angeles?

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  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
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  • LA is too crowded and unnatural. Its like a Nyc but if nyc was a pompous, buff, heroine addict that sweats a lot. So san diego


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  • LA County born and raised, checking in.

    Obviously, we need to know a little more about you and what you want in a city. But, here are the BIGGEST differences.

    LA is a big, major, international city.
    SD is... not.
    If you want things that generally exist only in big major international cities, then, LA hands down.
    Things such as...
    • direct nonstop flights to ALL major world cities
    • networking opportunities with businesspeople from all over the world, all the time
    • cinematic and arts premieres
    • awards shows and other miscellaneous celebrity appearances
    • designer flagship stores + special collections for those boutiques only
    • performances from EVERY major touring artist
    • a big live off-Broadway theatre scene
    • cuisine from EVERY imaginable corner of EVERY country in the world, both high-end and low-end
    • truly world-class libraries and high culture (symphony, opera, etc)
    • international conventions (especially in fashion, technology, and gaming)
    • trials of start-up businesses
    • headquarters of modeling/talent agencies
    • cutting-edge new restaurants, bars, and other nightlife venues
    • the best doctors and surgeons in the world
    If any of these things are important to you, then you have a winner, and that is Los Angeles.

    LA is also MUCH more likely to have SOMEWHERE where you'll fit in -- because LA is big, and diverse, and full of quirky neighborhoods that each have their own character. No matter how weirdly "niche" yr interests are... SOMEONE in this 15,000,000-person metro area will share them.


    Some other things:

    • Both cities have AMAZING weather. If you bitch about the weather in either place, you are a spoiled brat and deserve every ounce of yr dissatisfaction with life. (:
    There are slight differences, though. SD is SLIGHTLY warmer -- just a few degrees -- and significantly less humid. (LA is MUCH more humid during the months of August, September, and early October, especially around downtown and the westside -- during those months, it's almost as humid as Dallas or Chicago. This is something that even people from other parts of California don't seem to know.)

    • If you want to do anything in entertainment, obviously you need to be in LA.

    • Getting to the beach in LA, if you don't LIVE right on the beach, is an all-day production (and parking is expensive, too). Getting to the beach in SD, on the other hand, takes fifteen or twenty minutes max.
    If surfing or just being a beach bum is yr thing -- ESPECIALLY if

    • you don't much care about all the indoor entertainment that LA has to offer (I should have put clubs and nightlife in those bullet points) -- then you should pick SD.

      • It's actually easier to afford LA, ironically. Both cities have a CRAZY high cost of living, but wages in LA tend to be a little higher, and you can find almost EVERYTHING here for MUCH less $$$ if you know where to go and (especially) if you know how to negotiate -- food, housing, car repairs, clothes, etc.
      So, if you're on a tight budget... come here.

      • If you HATE HATE HATE traffic, DO NOT COME HERE. (: Stay in SD in that case. It is no secret that Los Angeles has a metric shit-ton of traffic at almost all times of day and night. (I personally don't mind traffic at all... weirdly, I sometimes even like it, in the same way I like hanging out in the anonymous crowds at packed clubs.)

      • SD is VERY politically conservative (the primary influence is the Navy, and the military in general).
      LA is somewhat liberal by the

    • standards of the whole USA, but still pretty conservative compared to the SF Bay area.

      • LA is more ethnically diverse. This could be good or bad. It could be annoying, because more people will be explicitly aware of yr race all the time, and will take it into account (consciously or subconsciously) when interacting with you... but, it could be good because there will be lots of people like you here, no matter what "like you" is. If you are an ethnic minority, then in SD you are much more likely to encounter the kind of tight-lipped racism that's there, but that no one will actually just come out and admit to.

      Those are... some things. If you can say more specifically what you're interested in, I can try to fill you in.

  • San Diego is nice, but it's too hot. So LA.

    • La is much hotter

    • @XOXOME16 Not really, only a 4 degree difference today. San Diego was okay for me, but I've only been once. I'd need more time there to make a better informed choice.

What Guys Said 3

  • I don't really have a preference, since I don't know those places that well as I have not been to either place yet.

    But if it's between which place I want to go see or visit first and if I had to pick, then I'd go and visit LA first. And if there's still time and money I have left I'd go to San Diego afterwards.

  • Seattle

  • LS cause it sounds cooler

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