Who loves Jesus Christ?

I Love Jesus soo much there's no greater love there just isn't. Im just feeling blessed right now and I need to give more glory to Jesus because he did everything for us. :)


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  • There's no great love than the love you have for someone who may or may not have existed, who has been dead for 2000 years and whom you have no dialogue or communication with?

    Wow, I'm sorry for you

    • "may have existed?" He does exist I know he does for a fact! I also feel his love in my heart. I was lost in sin before he saved me, I used to lust over worldly things but he took me in he is the perfect example. He was Crucified for me and for you and for EVERYONE! Also you shouldn't be sorry for me im sorry for you that you're trapped in sin just as I used to be. The devil has you in his grasp because either you are on God's side or satans. A servant cannot serve two masters. And you think its weird that I love christ that did everything for me, you might find it really weird that I don't know who you are but I love you, I have a love for all people NO MATTER WHAT! JESUS IS LORD God bless you :)

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  • Don't know the guy personally. I like that whole kind of fashion thing he has going though, like skinny white dude with long hair and beard and blue eyes chilling on the cross.

    • Firstly he wasn't white. second of all by the number on your username shows you do not. But I know for a fact he lives you and is waiting for you to come to him God bless you :)

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    • I thought God loves homosexuals, no? If so, why would he create human beings as homosexual if he thought homosexuality was a sin? Seems more insulting to homosexuals to suggest that homosexuality is a sin.

    • People are also born having envy, anger issues, and uncontrollable lust but its still sin, man is naturally sinful only the lord can save us.

  • Not really me

  • I do. :)

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