I have a problem where I've gotten arrogant upon getting a degree?

I don't know why.

I have just become a little like that.

In all honesty, I almost feel as though the reason is that I know lots of students at school who've done better than me and that makes me sad.

But there are lots of people who don't have the degree I have so ha. Ha ha.


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  • It's just a degree, actual achievement is what matters the most. You


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  • But you can work on that attitude. Do it and be a better human.

  • You've climbed this far up the mountain only to stop and throw rocks at those below you. How tragic.

    • What a nice analogy.

      How do I stop doing that

    • Because your formal education is over, you are now untied from the rope. The only way up the rest of the mountain is to free-climb without a harness. Be kind to those you climb with, and remember that we're all in this together.

  • yeah that's the kind of attitude that turns men off

    • It's not only about men.

      It's about how I treat other fellow human beings.

    • men are human beings

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