Do you guys have any birds?

I have a budgie I got 3 weeks ago. If you guys want to see him go to my profile and look at my cover photo. Anyone else got some birds? My birds name is Caesar by the way.


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  • Aww it's cute... Lol before I realized you said cover photo I looked at your profile pic and said to myself she must be off her rocker if that's her pet 😊

    And no if I got oney dog would kill and/or eat it :(

    • No my profile pic is sweet pea from the secret life of pets. Thanks by the way, he is a very cute and very nice bird.

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    • All yeah I know I loved the movie ^_^

    • Me too, I'm seeing it a second time this Saturday with a guy I met recently :)

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  • nope, I had a parrot for a couple of minutes.

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