How did any of you feel when you turned 30?

My next b-day will be on April 7. This kind of freaks me out and if there was a magic wand to stop time, I would do it right away. I'm obviously not getting any younger (I'm using Asepxia powder makeup and a couple other creams) and it's not exactly the same as 2010.

This is officially the last of my 20's unfortunately. I guess the changes here are more obvious.

Last week:
How did any of you feel when you turned 30?
3 months ago with my cousin

4/15 2010 at a concert with a guy friend


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  • I just turned thirty a few months ago.
    I had a major break down about it. I wrote a couple of questions on here and wrote two myTakes about the scare of turning 30.
    It happened!
    And guess, what? It feels the same as 29.
    What makes me feel great about turning 30 is that most people still mistake me for early twenties.
    I realize your age is all in the way that you feel.
    If you feel you're getting old, you will quicker and you'll look that way too.
    You can't stop age or time.
    What will you do when you're 40? or 50?
    It's just a number.
    We all will grow old.
    Those ages we all dread will hit each and every single one of us fast.
    There's no such thing as staying young for ever.
    Turning 30 made me realize how quickly life passes you by, and how that will continue.
    Just make the best of your time on Earth and stop worrying about a little number ;)

    • Thank you for the insight. Yeah, eventually we're gonna get to those ages too.

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  • I didn't really feel so different but I got married at that age and that definitely changed some things. Definitely we go through some physical changes but it's just a round number, 30 -- not so different from 28, 29, 31.

    Also it's a curious thing but I find more people around my age attractive now. I probably wouldn't have found a 30-something year old girl so attractive in my 20s, but now I do. Maybe when I'm 40-something I'll like women in their 40s more.

    And you can still party, since there's plenty of people no matter what age you are that still want to do the same. Things like marriage and kids changes that a lot more than how old you are.

    • Thank you for the insight and yes time can't be stopped. I'm still childless but would like a child one day.

    • The one thing that started to change towards my 30s for sure is that most of my friends my age started getting married with kids. My wife and I can't have kids so we're kind of the odd ones out. I still sometimes hang out with my male buddies who are now mostly married and I'm like, "Let's drink all night!" and then they're like, "Sorry, I have to go home at 9pm to put the kids in bed." But the single ones can stay and party still, but there is some feeling there that everyone is changing around me, but maybe not me so much yet.

    • I don't have kids because I haven't found him yet. I'm sure I can still party but only do it once in a long while.

  • It will make me feel sad.

    • You still got 6 years more to go. You got enough time.

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    • I agree dude. I meant I hate aging. I don't like the #.

    • @SovereignessofVamps
      Yeah, aging sucks. With the Asepxia powder, nothing is seen but without once I get up in the morning and see myself at a closer look up, the mirror tells me the reality of my very first fine lines, one line at each side below my eyes. Ugh.

  • I'm twenty and just waiting to drink alovohol.

    • Well you still got a decade to go. I'll be 30 within 8 months later. Ugh.

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  • i'm still a child

    • Yeah, maybe I should start trying seeing it from that point of view

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