How do you deal with the death of your parents?

Mine are both still alive, but I think I would be depressed for life if one or both died. I don't think I would be able to carry on life with as much passion.


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  • My mom and I had a very close relationship and last year, when the doctors announced that they have tried everything possible to save her but couldn't. That she only had a few days left- it broke me.

    I cried my eyes out at the hospital everyday (not infront of her because I didn't want her to see me sad on her last few days), we were there in the room when she passed. Ultimate reaction was, did I really just lose my mom. Takes days to accept that she is in heaven. You will feel empty as if something is missing but you eventually need to pick yourself up and keep living because it's what she would have wanted. And the memories with her will forever be kept.

    All my life, she always had my back. She supported me because I come from a family of engineers and I was never good with maths and always had the appreciation for art. She was by me when I applied for the university of my choice. I now hold a degree in interior design and I have the freedom to make people's homes beautiful. And I will always thank my lucky stars for a woman who is so admirable.

  • I'd be torn a part because besides them I literally have no family left besides my small little kid.
    Although I don't have the best relationship with my Mom it would hurt me because we have such a rocky relationship, and I wish things could be different (but it won't be).
    As for my Dad, although we aren't extremely close we get along!
    The more you age, the more deaths you will see unfortunately.
    No ones here for eternity.


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  • For me there would be some emptiness perhaps, like this gap between my memories from childhood of a person that's no longer there.

    It's hard to say how I would respond exactly, but I've found with cases where people close to me died that it doesn't lead to an immediate reaction.

    I'm just kind of shocked a bit and then carry on with my day and later it shows up here and there when I'm remembering that they're no longer here. It hits me in waves like that, not all of a sudden, where I'm constantly bouncing between almost forgetting that they're no longer there and there feeling really empty each time I'm reminded.

    • [...] and there [/then] feeling really empty each time I'm reminded.

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